Sunday, July 13, 2014


Last night, the WWE had a house show in the legendary and historic Madison Square Garden. When I was nine years old, my parents took me to my first WWE show and it was a house show at MSG. I then went to so many shows at MSG. I saw the 2000 Royal Rumble, a Raw in 2000, a Raw and Smackdown on back to back days in 2001 and a Smackdown in 2009. That's not counting all of the house shows. Even though I've moved to Ohio, and have now seen two Raws in Cleveland, I wish the WWE would go to MSG for a Raw or Pay-Per-View. It's about time. Anyway, not much to discuss today since, besides the show in MSG, it was a slow news day.

The biggest thing to come out of the show was the news that Layla and Summer Rae shared a kiss. It was no Mickie James/Trish kiss but it was surprising in a PG world. I doubt this will ever be taken to television but it's still a fun little moment. uploaded one of their top 10 videos and this week it focused on the recently retired Santino Marella and his top 10 moments. It was a fun trip down memory lane with Santino trying Melina's split and his rapping to impress "Akorn". It did leave out his near World Heavyweight Title win against Daniel Bryan in the 2012 Elimination Chamber which is disappointing. Anyway, I always enjoyed Santino's work and found this to be a cool video. I'd like him to get a special on the WWE Network like Vickie Guerrero.

I've finally started to get into Podcasts and let me tell you, it was easily one of the best decisions that I've made recently. Talk is Jericho is excellent. Yesterday I listened to both parts of the episode with Paul Heyman and Edge and had a blast. I'll be listening to more and I've already got some Steve Austin Show, Ross Report and Art of Wrestling lined up to listen to.

That's all for today. Tomorrow you'll get more reviews, another look at news and maybe even a WWE Network Playlist to check out. Next Sunday morning, expect Battleground predictions.

Until tomorrow; same Stone Cold time; same Stone Cold channel.