Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hell in a Cell Predictions

Honestly, who cares about this result? I like some of the guys involved (mainly Cedric Alexander and Sin Cara), but the cruiserweight division has been handled rather poorly on Raw. This is basically going to be six guys in a match for the sake of having a match. It's hard to predict because nobody is gaining any real momentum. However, I'm going with the Alexander/Cara/Dorado trio. From what we know, Nese and Gulak do not have official contracts. Plus, I think Alexander is a great choice for the next contender for the title. Maybe the division will pick up when Jack Gallagher and Gran Metalik show up.

Winners: Lince Dorado, Rich Swann and Sin Cara

I pray that the WWE figures out something of relevance for Bayley to do once this Sasha/Charlotte feud is over. I assume that she'll be part of the giant women's tag at Survivor Series, but after that, hopefully she becomes important. It's a shame that she's being wasted in a shitty feud with Dana Brooke. Speaking of Dana, she's gotten progressively worse since the Emma injury. Bayley's going to be fun here and Dana will try, but I'm not expecting anything really good here. Bayley needs to win here.

Winner: Bayley

I really like the New Day, but there is zero reason why Gallows and Anderson didn't take the titles over the past few months. Both teams were at fault, as well as creative, for how bad the feud was and I think that a win for the former Club would have been for the best. Then they could have transitioned into this rivalry over the titles. Anyway, this isn't for the belts and doesn't really sound interesting. On one hand, Enzo and Cass could use the win, but I think Gallows and Anderson need it a bit more.

Winners: Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows

More from the poorly booked cruiserweight division. At the very least, the segment of Brian Kendrick asking TJ Perkins to throw the match for him on Raw gave this some intrigue. For the most part the feud has been "grizzled old man" vs. "young guy who makes too many video game references." Oh, and they used to know each other. It's all been so weirdly handled. They've wrestled twice so far and neither time has lit the world on fire. I'm thinking this will be their best outing together, but still not crack the great level. I love Perkins, but I think Kendrick takes it here. The story of the well known veteran keeping the title away against the younger guys of the division could be fun.

Winner: The Brian Kendrick

The Best of Seven nonsense between Sheamus and Cesaro ended in dumb fashion, though I do like them as a team. The match on Raw was absolutely stupid to do but it was good. I sense this one will be even better and could potentially steal the show. That being said, I can't see Sheamus and Cesaro taking the titles, at least not yet. The WWE love their odd couple teams, so Sheamus and Cesaro could vault ahead of Enzo and Cass or the Club for a title run. I think it won't happen here though since the New Day are more than likely to at least hold it until they break Demolition's record. After that, all bets are off. For now, I'm sticking with the champs.

Winners: The New Day

Leave to the Raw creative team and the continued mishandling of the Roman Reigns character to make a Rusev feud dull. Rusev has been one of the best things about the company for a long time now but he is suffering from the same fate as his feud with John Cena. He comes out looking like a chump time after time. At least then Rusev felt like a heel with his anti-America stuff and how he treated Lana. Honestly though, he's come off like the babyface in this program. Reigns has been a jerk for no reason, while Rusev defends the honor of his wife. Why should I cheer Roman again? Add in their lackluster matches thus far and this feud has been a total bust. Reigns and Wyatt killed in the Cell last year, so hopefully these two can deliver this time. Reigns wins because, duh.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Again, leave it to the Raw creative team to fumble a Kevin Owens/Seth Rollins feud. Like, this isn't hard. These are two studs in the ring, who can deliver on the microphone and have almost no holes in their skill sets. Instead of something awesome, we've gotten way too much focus on Stephanie McMahon, an overbooked mess of a match at Clash of Champions and a feud where the most interesting person by far has been Chris Jericho. I believe that Owens and Rollins can clearly do better but the way Raw has gone in recent months doesn't give me much hope at all. Triple H shows up to help Owens retain.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ah, the "women in the cell for the sake of saying this is history" match. Look, I'm an admitted big Sasha Banks fan and Charlotte can flat out go from bell to bell. They're going to be motivated to justify the main event slot or, if they don't go on last, be motivated to show that they should have. I expect a great match featuring two women willing to nearly kill themselves and each other. The feud doesn't fell HIAC or main event worthy, but nothing on Raw really does. They were worried about an injured Sasha at SummerSlam, but now that she's cleared, her retaining shouldn't be an issue. She has to win the feud and breathe new life into the division since Charlotte as champion is beyond stale. Sasha for the win.

Winner: Sasha Banks

2016 Prediction Record: 55-31
2015 Prediction Record: 60-35