Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smackdown Report

I realize that this is a day late, but I had a very busy Saturday and for that I apologize. But as always, the WWE doesn't stop for anything so Smackdown was still on last Friday. The episode began with some non-title tag team action as The Usos faced Rybaxel. This stemmed from Ryback beating an Uso in singles competition on Main Event. These two team put on a fine opener and The Usos won after pulling some Bella Twin style twin magic. There were reports that Ryback and Curtis Axel had issues after the match, but it wasn't on air so I guess they scratched that. Good news too considering they are a good tag team.

Next up was MizTV. Before the break, The Miz snatched a magazine from a kid and autographed it while the kid and his dad looked on confused. Speaking of dads, The Miz's mom and dad were both at ringside, so the Miz interviewed them as they showed him love. However, when he asked her who her favorite wrestler is, she responded with Roman Reigns and The Miz's reaction was priceless. Bo  Dallas came out during Miz's acceptance speech for winning the Intercontinental Title and entertained the hell out of me. Dolph Ziggler also came out but got attacked by Bo. It was a fun little segment and I heard rumblings that this might be a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental Championship and I'm all for that. Not just the match but the IC Title getting promo time. Bo would wrestle Dolph and beat him in just over two minutes with a distraction from Miz.

Following a Raw main event where Dean Ambrose got himself disqualified by hitting Cesaro with a steel chair, they got a No Disqualification rematch here on Smackdown. Honestly, this should have been the main event. Not only did they put on a great and, at times, brutal match, but Ambrose got one of, if not, the biggest pop of the night. We had great spots like a body slam on a chair or a suplex on a chair until Ambrose tossed about a dozen chairs in the ring. Seth Rollins came out and attacked him. Cesaro then hit his incredible superplex onto Ambrose onto all of the chairs in a fantastic spot. Ambrose would use a small package to win the match although he would then get attacked by both Cesaro and Rollins. Great match and I feel that Rollins/Ambrose needs to be a gimmick match at SummerSlam.

A sweet video package is shown of the feud between AJ Lee and Paige. It's nice to see the Divas division getting shine. Paige comes out for her match with Naomi and is skipping. I do enjoy Paige, but she is a poor skipper, if you will. Before the match she claims that she's still friends with AJ and that she likes Naomi too. I don't know if I agree with this "psycho" kind of character for her. I just want the Anti-Diva dammit. Cameron's theme hits to distract Naomi, allowing Paige to best her in under a minute. Cameron and Naomi get into a scuffle after the match, that Cameron gets the best of.

Bray Wyatt went one on one with R-Truth and we all know how this one went. Bray got a bounce back win following his loss at Battleground, before cutting another promo on Chris Jericho. Not much to discuss here as we got another match that ran just about two minutes.

Then, because the WWE decides to run seventeen recaps of everything that happens, we had to see Stephanie McMahon get arrested for the 100th time this week. The main event followed as Roman Reigns went one on one with Alberto Del Rio for the very first time. As over as Reigns is, ending the show with Ambrose/Cesaro would have been a much more satisfying conclusion. Reigns/Del Rio was a very good contest and Del Rio continues to make sure that he puts on a good match. I don't see Reigns getting pinned cleanly any time soon, especially by someone on Del Rio's level but it was a decent close to the broadcast.

All in all, a decent episode of Smackdown. Too many matches were too short though. Reigns/Del Rio is worth a watch, but the show stealer was Cesaro/Ambrose. MizTV was also pretty entertaining. Anyway, until next time, follow me on Twitter @the_kevstaaa