Saturday, March 14, 2015

Impact Wrestling 3/13/15 Review

I haven't been able to review Impact the past few weeks thanks to being busy, but I have been watching. This is billed as a pretty big episode with a lot of former friendships turned rivalries coming to a head. Things open big with Eric Young and Bobby Roode facing off in a Last Man Standing match. They got about twenty minutes and I much prefer this to any of the weekly Authority opening promos we've had on Raw lately. Good old fashioned grudge matches are something I miss. A Roode Bomb through the table keeps EY down and Roode is able to score the win. It went down exactly how a Last Man Standing match should and, despite their good matches together, hopefully this feud can end and Roode can move onto to bigger and better things. Backstage, Rockstar Spud talks about guys like him standing up to the EC3's of the world. Out comes Drew Galloway to discuss his passion for professional wrestling until MVP and the BDC interrupt. Galloway says he was the chosen one before, so MVP says the BDC have chosen him to get a beatdown. They have a match and I must say, it's refreshing but strange to see a face Drew Galloway. He wins via DQ because the BDC get involved and leave him bloody. While I'm not a big fan of the BDC, this was another solid segment on the show so far.

Backstage stuff with Magnus, EC3, Spud and Mickie James follow. EC3 kills by saying he's been undefeated for 16 months and has gone through Sting, Angle, etc. We get Magnus vs. Bram now. Magnus told Mickie to stay backstage. That plays into things as Mickie comes out to check on Magnus at one point. Magnus wins by DQ after a Bram low blow. He attacks post match and threatens Mickie unless a tied up Magnus kisses his boot. Magnus obliges and gets called pathetic. Again, a solid segment to build a heel. Up next, Booke takes on her real life boyfriend, Robbie E. This was nice to have on a show that has been very serious. While there was a personal feud here, it wasn't going to be as brutal as everything else. This was entertaining and Brooke won.

Next week, we will have a no DQ match between Matt Hardy and James Storm. Also, Bobby Lashley defends the TNA Title against Kurt Angle. I really hope TNA doesn't do their go to move of putting the strap back on Angle. Time for the big main event, as Rockstar Spud takes on Ethan Carter III in a Hair vs. Hair match. I absolutely love that these two were given the chance to go on last. I fully expected Roode/Young to main event but giving these two the shot meant a lot for them. Spud starts fast and furious because he knows he's overmatched, which is kind of the story early on. Spud busts out a nice front flip from the top to the outside before we get some Tyrus involvement. He looks strange bald. The fiery Spud kicks out from a powerbomb on the outside! Mr. Anderson evens the score but EC3 lays him out with his brace. Spud is hit too and is busted open. EC3 uses the Stinger Splash because he collects things from his past victories, which is sweet. Jeremy Borash gets involved with a low blow! The blood is so severe that the screen goes black and white at times and Spud's blood is smeared on EC3's chest. EC3 beats on him and Spud refuses to quit! He comes close to winning numerous times but EC3 finally puts him down in a fantastic match. The best since Impact's move to Destination America. After the match, EC3 seems to have a change of heart. He puts over Spud in a heartfelt promo and says he won't shave his head in front of his hometown fans. He offers his hand, only to lay him out! He puts him in the tree of woe and shaves his head! Tremendous heel work from EC3. He puts the company on notice that the company and the world belongs to him.

Probably my favorite Destination America episode so far. The opener was a damn good Last Man Standing match, the Galloway and Bram segments were solid, Robbie E/Brooke was entertaining and the main event was stellar. TNA needs to take notice because that was a star making performance for both Spud and EC3. The match had everything it needed to. Blood, involvement of JB, Anderson and Tyrus who were part of the feud, fiery Spud and total heel EC3. He has a very young Rock vibe to him and I think he's one of the best guys WWE has ever let go. Great episode. 9/10.