Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hell in a Cell Predictions

Why should I care at all? This happened on Raw so there's no need to happen here. The heels won on Raw and the WWE "midcard" is built on shitty 50/50 booking so the faces will take this one.

Winners: Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler and Neville

Man, Kevin Owens has really cooled off hasn't he? I know that he's the Intercontinental Champion, but the buzz surrounding him is just gone. Still, he's been more enjoyable as IC Champion than Ryback was. To be fair, that was more the fault of creative than Ryback himself as there is only so much a guy can do when he's booked against Miz and Big Show. I don't see this continuing past this show and you're not going to cut the legs out of Owens' run just yet.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Remember when Charlotte won the Divas Title and it felt hollow because she didn't stop Nikki from breaking the record? Well this match feels rather hollow too. Granted, that's a bit unfair to these girls, who are both among the top five main roster female workers. However, we've seen this twice already. The fans have been very vocal about wanting one woman and that's Sasha Banks. I think that Sasha should have been added here. She beat Nikki clean twice so it would make sense. The fans would be interested, the match would most likely be better and you could still have Charlotte pin Nikki to retain, while protecting Sasha. Anyway, enough fantasy booker, Charlotte retains here.

Winner: Charlotte

Easily, the best thing about the WWE in the past few months has been the New Day. Their heel turn absolutely not only saved their run, but shot them into the spotlight. They are highly entertaining and have been a focal point on Raw (while also being the top highlight). What does that mean? That means it's time for the hot new act to be beaten by veterans from the old guard. I have nothing against the Dudley Boyz, but this return came at a time when it's going to come at the expense of something as great as the New Day. I'm sure New Day will bounce back, because they are that good, and probably even win back the titles from the Dudleys. On this night though, it's all Dudley Boyz.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

With the rumors that John Cena is taking time off, it would be pretty easy to actually pick the TBA choice here. Honestly, depending on who accepts the challenge, I could totally see Cena losing especially since this is the first open challenge to happen on a Pay-Per-View. With all of that being said, I'm not picking the unknown entity. I said earlier this year that I wasn't picking against John Cena and I'm sticking by that.

Winner: John Cena

Despite the fact that I think this feud has been pretty good, this needs to be the blowoff. It's been about five months and they've already kind of run out of things to do. Unfortunately for Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns needs to win this feud. A good showing in a Survivor Series match and something at TLC should lead to Reigns pulling a 1996 Shawn Michaels and winning the Royal Rumble again. Now that he has some actual great matches under his belt (Fastlane, Mania, Payback), it feels like he's working towards the big push instead of being thrust in there this past Royal Rumble. Bray will aimlessly float after this most likely before doing the job to a bigger star again at Mania.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Let's get this straight. In no world should Seth Rollins' title reign come to an end at the hands of Kane. Admittedly, Kane's split personality character has been rather entertaining on Raw, but he should be nowhere near the WWE Championship. Having Kane go over Seth on Raw recently was a really terrible booking decision, but what can we do about that now? Have Seth cleanly beat Kane and send him away. I appreciate all that Kane has done for the company and the versatility he brings to the table. However, his runs needs to be over and Seth ending his career would be the best way to go.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Please, for the love of everything, let this be the end of this rivalry. As I noted going into SummerSlam, I was interested in this rivalry over a decade though. I didn't care heading into WrestleMania XXX and I care so much less now that they're doing it again. I'm sure the match will be relatively good and a bit brutal, but the whole feud has been incredibly lackluster. Brock should murder Undertaker and sweep this under the rug as if it never happened, before allowing someone down the line to beat him. Instead, I'm pretty sure Undertaker goes over and nobody really wins.

Winner: The Undertaker

2015 Prediction Record: 45-30
2014 Prediction Record: 22-18 (Only five PPVs)