Saturday, May 20, 2017

NXT TakeOver: Chicago Predictions

I think NXT did a great job with the video packages to get the fans behind Roderick Strong. I do think it was a mistake to not put the SAnitY attack on TV though. This is one of those matches that feels like it could go either way. I could see Strong winning to build upon his vignettes and such, but I think they made him a sympathetic character. That means he can stay over with a loss. Plus, SAnitY has been booked very strong. I say Young wins here and this feud follows a similar pattern to the Dillinger/Young one.

Winner: Eric Young

This is the toughest match to call for me. Though Tyler Bate won the title and has had a strong 2017, Pete Dunne was presented as the biggest star during the UK Tournament and has had an even better 2017. Dunne as UK Champion could work, but I think him having the PROGRESS Title is the most he'll have for now. This should be a tremendous match, nearing the quality of their UK Tournament finals. I'm gonna say Bate retains and whenever the title does eventually change hands, it'll be on UK soil.

Winner: Tyler Bate

Considering the way the match in Orlando went, Ember Moon has to be the one to dethrone Asuka right? I'd like it to happen in a singles match, so I'm not sure why they booked a four way in the first place. Nikki Cross has quickly become one of my favorite acts in NXT and Ruby Riot has been fun so far. I don't see either as champion right now though. Asuka should get called up soon, but not before Ember returns to take the title from her. Asuka retains in what should be a solid match. Expect Nikki and Ruby to attempt to kill each other though.

Winner: Asuka

With the news of Tommaso Ciampa suffering an injury, this match is up in the air. However, whether healthy or injured, I don't think #DIY walks out with the titles. Though they are the second best tag team on the planet (only behind The Revival), they're like Sami Zayn. Great babyfaces who didn't need a long reign with the titles. They had their reign and that'll be it. The Authors of Pain have shown lots of improvement and have had some great matches. If this match still happens, expect it to be the highlight of the show. 

Winners: The Authors of Pain

I am so ready for HIdeo Itami to be NXT Champion. I've wanted it since 2015. Hell, I actually like Itami more than Shinsuke Nakamura. He's been one of my guys since 2006. Alas, it won't happen. Roode is the top heel in NXT. Itami has also gotten the better of him at every chance since returning a few weeks ago. Roode will win and then I don't know what they do with Itami next. He hasn't spent much time in NXT, due to injuries, but I don't see them giving him the title.

Winner: Bobby Roode