Sunday, February 22, 2015

WWE FastLane Predictions

How crazy is it that the hottest heel in the company for 2014 wasn’t officially booked until the last minute? Seth Rollins has been the best thing about the WWE since the Shield split. However, he hasn’t won on PPV since Hell in a Cell. I don’t see that changing here. Erick Rowan, Ryback and Dolph Ziggler have all faced a ton of hardships from the Authority and haven’t really been able to get them back since Survivor Series. I fully expect the faces to get some revenge but they won’t pin Rollins. Or, at least they shouldn’t. Knowing the booking as of late, Seth will eat a pin while Show and Kane get protected.
Winners: Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback

I wish that the Rhodes Brothers split was handled better. It was far too obvious but Cody Rhodes killed it in his post match promo with Dusty and again on Smackdown. Whatever you give Cody, he will turn it into gold. I know that they badly want a WrestleMania match, but I’m not sure if I see them fitting into the card, especially with Miz and Mizdow get a match. I’ll accept this match for now, and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. They may go all out in case they don’t get the Mania match.
Winner: Stardust

I wasn’t very into this program early on but Naked Paige and her post match promo on Raw helped me out. Nikki Bella has improved and is a fun heel champion but she needs to drop Brie from her side because she’s awful as a promo. Anyway, my heart really wants me to choose Paige because she’s my favorite but I see Nikki carrying the belt into WrestleMania. If they are given time and can have a match similar to the one they had on Main Event a month or so ago, this can be a sleeper.
Winner and still champion: Nikki Bella

I won’t lie, the Fast Lane card surprisingly shaped up to be one of the stronger ones in recent months. This is one of the reasons why. Dean Ambrose has suffered with his booking as of late but hopefully a spirited Intercontinental Title program can help. I feel that he and Bad News Barrett can have a fun, hard hitting series of matches. Part of me sees BNB retaining via disqualification or something, but part of me sees this is as a bit of a reward for Ambrose for staying super over despite his losses. I feel that he wins the belt here.
Winner and new champion: Dean Ambrose

There may not be another match on the card that I’m more pumped for. I have been a huge fan of the Tyson Kidd and Cesaro pairing, and love that they are getting TV time. Their promos, especially Kidd’s, have become damn good. FACT. This will be a fun and fast paced match. FACT. I hope to see this get a fair amount of time and give all four guys the chance to shine. I see Naomi and Natalya getting involved in some shape or form, but I hope it doesn’t play into the finish. The Usos will retain because they are the franchise of the tag team division and need to carry the straps into Mania. FACT.
Winners and still champions: The Usos

Color me surprised, but I’ve enjoyed the build for John Cena vs. Rusev. I feel like the gimmick is horribly outdated, but I think highly of Rusev’s work and I definitely like Lana. That being said, with all of the work they’ve done on Rusev, I don’t see him getting fed to Cena instantly. I suspect he’ll win and retain here for the huge win before Cena gets his even bigger win back at WrestleMania. I get that the face has to win out and that’s fine, but they shouldn’t pull another Bray Wyatt this time around.
Winner and still champion: Rusev

I said it before, but I see this being a situation where Daniel Bryan is going to be used to get Roman Reigns over. If fans are looking at this as if Roman is getting this spot over guys that have paid way more dues than him, the WWE could see it being a situation where Roman beats him to earn some of that respect. Bryan shakes his hand post match after what is hopefully a very good match. I still don’t really care for Reigns/Lesnar and much prefer Bryan/Lesnar; I just don’t see it happening.
Winner: Roman Reigns