Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lucha Underground "Macho Madness" Review

Tonight, Group C action from the Cueto Cup began.

In the back, Catrina motivated Mil Muertes to win the tournament. He said he would do it for her and called her his love. They made out, though Catrina noted that Mil wasn't the one she loves earlier in the season. Jeremiah Crane, who has a past with her and the Temple, watched like a creep. Ivelisse is gonna be mad.

Cueto Cup First Round: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Veneno
Veneno is Cortez Castro working undercover with a mask. Mil speared him before the bell and beat his ass. He won with the Flatliner in 1:08. [NR]

Cueto Cup First Round: Paul London vs. Trios Champion Vibora w/ Kobra Moon
London having a carrot in his hat is a nice touch. Vibora is known as the Luchasaurus. London nailed his character work, seemingly on drugs and doing things like holding Kobra hostage with the carrot. Vibora mostly kicked London's ass and London was ready to bump for him. The Rabbit Tribe showed up and held Vibora's legs, leading to a countout at 3:55. Fine little match, with both guys playing their roles well and the finish protecting the big man. [**1/4]

Cueto Cup First Round: Joey Ryan vs. Taya
Taya looked disgusted at Joey. She slapped his lollipop away and beat him up, including pulling him by his chest hair. Joey's so sleazy that the crowd chants for Taya. Ryan turned it around, but his ego started to cost him. He shouted that he was going up top, giving Taya the opening to stop him with a bunch of slaps. After a spank, Joey got her on his shoulders but she slipped off and hit a Northern lights suplex. The double stomp was next for the win at 3:33. Another solid but short match that hit on the right notes. [**]

In the back, Mil Muertes was in his sweet suit. Jeremiah Crane jumped him and brought chairs into play. He opened one on Mil's throat and used another chair to smash it in, also yelling "She's mine!"

Another expertly done video package was shown to hype Johnny Mundo vs. Rey Mysterio. Cage, Chavo, Prince Puma and Matt Striker gave their thoughts.

Cueto Cup First Round: Jeremiah Crane vs. Killshot
JML explodes! They started hot, hitting a superkick and dives within the first minute. The fight stayed outside with Crane hitting a cannonball of sorts with Killshot on a chair. They continued to trade big offense, just throwing bombs at one another. Brainbuster, cutter, kicks to the head, spike DDT, you name it, we pretty much saw it. Killshot hit the apron DVD and double stomp, yet Crane somehow got a shoulder up.  The finish was kind of lame though, as Dante Fox came out to distract Killshot. That allowed Crane to hit a cheap shot and win via Cranial Contusion at 13:02. The best match of the first round thus far. A wild battle with two guys who have great chemistry just throwing everything at the other to win. [***1/2]

Catrina appeared with her stone and Crane blew a kiss at her.

Backstage, Dario Cueto was in his office, talking about being pleased with the tournament so far. He's with Son of Madness, who is basically Son of Havoc from the darkest timeline. He'll make his debut against Son of Havoc in the Cueto Cup next week.

Overall: 7/10. Another week, another good episode. Other than the main event, none of the matches are what you would consider great. However, they all fit the roles of the characters in them and it was capped by the strong main event. The Mundo/Mysterio video package was great and I'm enjoying the Catrina/Mil/Crane angle

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