Saturday, October 18, 2014

Smackdown Report 10-17-14

I usually watch Smackdown on Saturday morning on Hulu+, but I actually was able to watch it on SyFy last night. It was strange to watch it with so many commercials but anyway, the show begins with Seth Rollins. He taunts the fans for chanting "You Sold Out" and cuts a basic promo until Dolph Ziggler interrupts. I wish that Dolph wasn't the Intercontinental Champion actually. He could face Randy Orton instead of John Cena at Hell in a Cell and, I don't know, throw Kane in there with Cena. Would've helped us avoid Cena/Orton for the 450th time. We get an eleven or so minute match with a ton of action, but of course Dolph suffers the loss.

Dean Ambrose cuts off Seth Rollins' celebration and Seth exits the ring. Dean says he just wanted to talk and hypes Hell in a Cell until Corporate Kane comes out. He's sad that he can't compete in Hell in a Cell so he sets up a match between himself and Ambrose tonight. Hooray. Paige is on commentary and it's unfortunately awkward. AJ Lee is facing Layla because of their issues from Raw and it's a decent but very short match. AJ Lee wins and gets attacked by Paige's bestie, Alicia Fox. She takes her down but Paige comes in and hits the RamPaige DDT before skipping around. I guess Paige/AJ is continuing without the Bellas.

Sheamus and The Usos get interviewed backstage and it's kind of weird. They then go out for six man tag team action, because that's the WWE's go to way of booking the mid-card and tag team division. They would face The Miz and the Dust Brothers. Damien Mizdow is fantastic once again at ringside. We get a solid match that clocks in around ten minutes. It wraps up when Sheamus Brogue Kicks Goldust to win. Finally, Sheamus gets revenge on Goldust for beating him on ECW back in 2009.

Big Show comes out and talks about how people always expected great things from him so he will be the first man to defeat Rusev at Hell in a Cell. He brings up Mark Henry costing him the match on Raw and invites him out. They joke around, Henry is sorry and they hug. Rusev and Lana interrupt. Rusev promises to break Big Show but according to him, his "spine is American made." I've never heard that before. This feud continues to bore me but it's the next logical step for Rusev.

Time for more Divas action as Nikki Bella steps into the ring with Naomi. This actually got more time than AJ/Layla earlier, for some reason, and NIkki wins with the Rack Attack. Gotta say, there is no more fitting name for a move by Nikki than that. Renee Young then interviews Dean Ambrose and it's more of the same "Sexy Eyes" that they give each other. Then we go to the main event, which is the same old Ambrose/Kane match that we've seen before. It goes about six minutes and Ambrose wins via disqualification because of Seth Rollins.

After the main event, the Authority beatdown fails and Dean Ambrose is left standing tall. Overall, I didn't hate this episode of Smackdown. The opener and the six man tag were both good and there was nothing awful on the show. 6/10.