Sunday, April 3, 2016

WrestleMania 32 Predictions

Considering that guys I expected to be in this match (like Zack Ryder, Ryback and Sin Cara) are in other matches, I honestly wonder if they will be able to fit twenty or so guys in it. For the past few months, I've picked Braun Strowman to win this thing. However, there hasn't been any word of the Wyatt Family being in it. That makes it tough to pick him. Of the people that have been highlighted, I could see Kane winning it. It doesn't mean anything in the long run and could just be another accomplishment for him. Cesaro, if he returns early, is another possibility. You know what? Screw it. I'm gonna pick Strowman. The first step in his run to a big SummerSlam match.

Winner: Braun Strowman

The fact that this isn't Usos/Dudleys/New Day is so strange. This feels like a match we pretty much had to get when the Dudley Boyz returned but it certainly doesn't feel like a WrestleMania match. The Dudley Boyz and their return hasn't been the best but it has improved since the heel turn. Sometimes, WrestleMania feels like the culmination of an angle but this feels more like the start of one. I can see the Dudley Boyz win here and the Usos win a rematch down the line or something.

Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Who cares? I watch Total Divas but even I don't give a damn about any of this. There are girls in the match that I like (Emma, Summer and Paige mainly), but for the most part, this will most likely be one of the lesser matches on the card. I could see Eva Marie turning on Team Total Divas and giving the win to BAD and Blonde, but the WWE loves to have the Total Divas teams win these matches. Eh, maybe Eva does turn and they use it for a Total Divas storyline.

Winners: Team BAD and Blonde

I feel mixed about this. On one hand, I'm excited because it's the WrestleMania debut of my favorite wrestler, but they kind of hurt this by giving it to us three times already. It's a classic case of the WWE blowing their load and doing so many rematches. This could have been much more special if they had been a tag team, Jericho turned and this was their first or second match. While Jericho's heel turn was good, the distract each other portion of the rivalry down the stretch was lame. Like the rest of their matches, I expect this to deliver. Hell, it might be the best they've had so far. There is zero reason for Jericho to win here.

Winner: AJ Styles

I know this is a handicap match but the New Day should be defending their titles. Even more reason why the League of Nations should be in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and New Day should be in a Triple Threat Tag Team Title match. Anyway, this program has been pretty lackluster. New Day has done most of the heavy lifting and really carried it on social media. League of Nations (outside of the amazing Rusev) is a very uninteresting stable. Part of me sees League of Nations winning since the titles aren't on the line, but the New Day deserves the win here for their work throughout the past year. Also, get ready for what should be a great entrance by the champions.

Winners: The New Day

Why the US Title match is a singles match and the Intercontinental Title gets the multi-man clusterfuck treatment is beyond me. Like a lot of this card, I find this to be a tough call. That's actually been the case with Kalisto as champion period. On one hand, they could have Ryback run through him en route to another push attempt. On the other, Kalisto could be the David to Ryback's Goliath and overcome the odds. As much as I want Kalisto to retain, I get the sense that it's time for yet another Ryback run.

Winner: Ryback

There are actually some people that are picking Zack Ryder to win this. He truly doesn't belong here and neither does Sin Cara. While Stardust is awesome, he's done nothing of note since the summer. Dolph Ziggler is a has been that was pretty bad throughout most of 2015 and the Miz (while he is a fantastic heel and super undervalued by many) isn't winning either. It comes down to Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The two men with a built in story and loaded history. Most would say Sami should win here. As a big Sami fan, I'd like it but I think there's a better route. Sami's main roster reactions haven't been the best so far. I say Owens should retain here and then they could spend the next few months explaining the Owens/Zayn story to the fans and make them cheer for Sami before he dethrones Owens down the line.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Outside of Ambrose/Lesnar, there is no match that I'm more excited for. I've watched these three have plenty of good matches over the past year. Charlotte can deliver in the ring but her heel character and over reliance on her father is atrocious. Becky Lynch is easily the most likable woman on the WWE roster. Sasha Banks is the best woman I've ever seen signed to the WWE. Given the right amount of time, this could potentially steal the show. From a storyline perspective, Becky taking home the win and the belt kind of makes the most sense and would be a feel good story. However, Sasha has yet to be pinned since getting called up and she's insanely over. Sasha for the win here and lead the way for the new re-branded women's division.

Winner: Sasha Banks

This has absolutely had the best build of any WrestleMania match. Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose is a match I've wanted for a long time now. Brock working new guys (no Cena, Undertaker, etc.) is exactly what I wanted. They've handled Dean nearly perfectly in the build. Ambrose shows no fear when it comes to Brock and continues to challenge him like the lunatic that he is. Considering the way they've handled Brock, it's hard to buy people as legit threats. Making this a Street Fight was the absolute only way to do this. Ambrose gets to use a ton of weapons and go nuts to do what is necessary to end the Beast. It's another tough call here. I could see the Wyatts costing Brock the match but on the other hand, I sense they're saving Brock's next loss for Roman.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Talk about a poorly told story. However, Shane McMahon is back so I don't give a fuck and I'm just enjoying the ride. None of the angle has made any real sense but this should be a blast. it was the only program to have a great final go home segment and I fully expect Shane to die for our sins this Sunday. He's going to do everything in his power to save a very disappointing WrestleMania card. The match itself sounds like a blast but who are the fans supposed to cheer for? If Shane wins, Undertaker will never compete again, so the fans will be sad. If Undertaker wins, the Authority sticks around and I expect that to be incredibly dull. In the end, somebody helps Shane or Undertaker sacrifices himself to save the company.

Winner: Shane McMahon

It's the most obvious result on the show. Since the moment he showed up with the Shield, it's been very clear that Roman Reigns was going to be a megastar whether we liked it or not. Don't take this as me badmouthing Roman. He has plenty of problems cutting promos, but I like his work in the ring. He had some great matches last year. However, it's all felt so very forced. You can't manufacture this but they're going to anyway. Reigns will win and it won't feel special since it'll be his third WWE Title win in the past four or so months.

Winner: Roman Reigns

2016 Prediction Record: 10-3
2015 Prediction Record: 60-35