Thursday, August 13, 2015

NXT Report 8/12/15

We start with a interview with William Regal. He is asked about Kevin Owens saying that he doesn’t trust him and wants a ladder match. Regal says that his personal feelings won’t interfere with his decision making. He doesn’t give in to demands but Finn Balor wants it as well and the ladder match will go down.
Solomon Crowe vs. Tye Dillinger
Tye Dillinger is finally debuting his “perfect 10″ gimmick! They go through an exchange that Dillinger wins and then flashes “10” with his hands. He escapes Crowe and does a cartwheel before going back into the “10” stuff. Crowe gets pissed and chops him in the corner before snapping off a hurricanrana. He hits a pretty cool kick but runs into one from Tye. He applies a chinlock while telling everyone that he’s a perfect ten. Tye removes his knee pad but Crowe rallies before he can use it. He hits a cool neckbreaker variation and a running knee in the corner. Crowe catches a kick and tries for the Stretch Muffler but is kicked outside. He runs in and eats a one legged Codebreaker variation for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Tye Dillinger in 4:35
The new gimmick is fun for Tye Dillinger. Solomon Crowe still hasn’t really impressed much in NXT, but this was all around relatively fun from both guys. Solid start here. **
A video from earlier today shows Mojo Rawley meeting up with Zack Ryder outside. Mojo is in his gear, which confuses Ryder. It doesn’t lead anywhere.
Baron Corbin vs. Axel Tischer
Baron Corbin attacks with a big corner splash. He hits the End of Days and that’s a wrap.
Winner: Baron Corbin in 0:32
This was what you’d expect. NO RATING.
After the match, Corbin gets on the mic to say that nobody gets up from the End of Days. Steve Cutler runs out and eats one too. This brings out Samoa Joe who says that he’s impressed with Corbin. He says that Corbin can’t do what he just did to him. Corbin says he can do it to anyone, including Joe. Joe wants him to try right now. Corbin declines to do it now, but gets in some cheap shots. Joe locks in the rear naked choke and Corbin passes out.
Time for another Bull Fit video package. This one is shorter and not as entertaining.
The graphic is shown to hype Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin Thunder Liger. We go to a self shot video posted by Breeze to talk about the match. He says that he’s going to dispose of Liger just like he did to Hideo Itami.
Non-Title Match: NXT Champion Finn Balor vs. Marcus Louis
Marcus Louis is still dressed like a mini Kane. He gets in some early shots but obviously isn’t doing real damage. Oh wait, he does hit a chokeslam of sorts. It’s like they’re having him do Kane like offense on purpose. Finn rallies with some chops and the slingblade. The corner dropkick is followed with the double stomp to win.
Winner: NXT Champion Finn Balor in 2:44
Marcus Louis got in more offense than I expected. Still, this wasn’t much more than a squash. *1/2
As Finn Balor heads up the ramp, Kevin Owens attacks him from behind. he tries the apron powerbomb but Balor gets free and dropkicks him through the guardrail. Unfortunately, when they go into the ring, he runs into a popup powerbomb. A small “Cena beat you” chant breaks out.
The Vaudevillains are interviewed to find out about their plan to even out Alexa Bliss at TakeOver. Alexa interrupts, saying it’s flattering that two big strong men need to find someone to take care of her. She slaps both before leaving.
An Apollo Crews vignette is shown.
They run down the TakeOver card and officially announce Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe.
Sasha Banks comes out to join commentary for the main event.
Number One Contender’s Match: Bayley vs. Becky Lynch
The crowd sings Becky’s entrance theme as she instantly targets Bayley’s arm. They continue to go through an exchange of holds until Bayley hits a snapmare and running back elbow. Becky comes back with some Ricky Steamboat like arm drags. Becky continues to hit some moves, mostly focusing on the arm. Bayley tries to rally, but Becky goes back to the arm, trapping it with her feet and kicking it away. Becky’s nose has been busted. She has Bayley’s number at every turn. After a commercial, Bayley comes back with some shots. She hits a shoulder thrust but Becky dodges her next attack and hits a springboard kick. She goes for another suplex but Bayley counters into a rollup for two. She gets two more near falls. Becky hits the pumphandle suplex for a near fall. Bayley escapes another shot and hits her corner back elbow combination this time. She tightens the hairband and nails the second rope elbow for two. Bayley sends Becky to the apron, but is met with a kick when she goes forward. She climbs up but gets crotched. Bayley brings her down with a running powerslam of sorts for yet another near fall. Becky is able to apply the DisArmHer from out of nowhere but Bayley is close to the ropes. Becky goes for another suplex but Bayley counters with one of her own. She tries the Belly to Bayley but Becky blocks and tries another armbar. Bayley counters that into a pinning combination and wins.
Winner: Bayley in 12:45
Really good match here. Becky Lynch’s offense targeting Bayley’s arm is so damn good. Bayley as the underdog, plucky babyface is the perfect spot for her. Both girls came out looking good and this all worked well. ***1/2