Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ultima Lucha Tres Night Two Review

Things opened with a video package that recapped some of the feuds that will be featured on tonight's episode.

In the bathroom, Ivelisse argued with her boyfriend, Jeremiah Crane. He admitted to being in love with Catrina, so Ivelisse said she didn't need him. He called her a bitch and got kicked into a stall.

Unique Opportunity Battle Royal
This match featured Joey Ryan, PJ Black, Ricky Mundo, Vinnie Pestano, Mascarita Sagrada, Argenis, Mala Suerte, Saltador, Paul London, Cortez Castro, Son of Madness, The Mack, and the returning Pimpinela Escarlata, who got a great pop. This was your typical battle royal, with the added fun of the Rabbit Tribe being wacky. Pimpinela had some fun moments as well. Black press slammed Sagrada outside, leaving it down to him, Ricky and Mack. Mack overcame them and eliminated them to win at 3:31. Nothing much here. It was too short to stand out. [*1/2]

While Mack celebrated, Dario Cueto came out of his office in a dapper tuxedo. For winning, Mack has earned a Trios Championship match next week. As always with unique opportunities, there was a twist. Dario chose Mack's partners, selecting Dante Fox and Killshot, if there's anything left of them.

Catrina w/ Mil Muertes vs. Ivelisse
We've waited over a year for this one. It's Catrina's first match and Ivelisse's first in about a year. Ivelisse charged the ring, getting this off to a physical start. Catrina locked herself in Dario's office, and when Ivelisse finally got in, she had glass smashed over her head. Another shot with a bottle and Ivelisse was busted open. Ivelisse desperately fought back as they brawled through the crowd. Once back to the ring, Catrina hit a spear and her finisher for two. Ivelisse fought off Catrina's use of her supernatural stone, before hitting Catrina with it and winning with a DDT at 6:14. This was super intense and exactly the kind of match it needed to be. I do feel that the finish was kind of abrupt and it ended too soon. [***1/4]

Post-match, Jeremiah Crane showed up and attacked Ivelisee's ankle, which she's had two surgeries on, with a hammer.

Luchas de Apuestas [Hair vs. Mask]: Fenix vs. Marty Martinez w/ Marpiosa
Fenix got a good luck kiss from Melissa Santos. They brawled right from the start, until Mariposa got involved and continually tripped Fenix up. Marty pulled his sister in the way of a Fenix dive, so she flipped him off and left. Marty tore away at Fenix's mask and busted him open. You could pretty much Fenix's entire face. Marty continued to have an answer for Fenix's rally attempts and Fenix kept kicking out of Marty's best offense. Finally, Marty pulled out scissors from his trusty ringside box and drove them into Fenix's head. Melissa got on the apron and told Marty she loved him, saying they'd run away together. He put the scissors down and physically brought Melissa inside. She slapped him and kicked him in the nuts, allowing Fenix to get going and win with a 450 splash at 12:25. Great action and tremendous storytelling. The Mariposa and Melissa involvement made sense as they've been part of the story the whole time. Great stuff. [***3/4]

Marty tried escaping before it was time to get his head shaved. Mariposa returned and hit him with a chair, before handcuffing him to the railing. Once trapped there, Fenix and Melissa cut his hair to close the show.

Overall: 7.5/10. An entertaining second hour of Ultima Lucha. It couldn't live up to the first, but that's understandable. We got a short, fun battle royal to start. Then, an intense match that wrapped up a long storyline, while also setting up something new if season four ever happens. The main event was a great tale of good overcoming evil and I'm so glad Marty got a chance to shine, as his character work is awesome.

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