Sunday, July 17, 2016

Top 5 Worst Debuts

5) Glacier: Blood runs cold. You all remember the promos and hype videos. With Mortal Kombat being a hugely popular video game, WCW tried to capitalize on that with the Glacier character. Here's the thing though. He was built up for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS with just vignettes. Then his actual debut doesn't come on Nitro, but on WCW Pro. That was behind Nitro, Saturday Night and Worldwide in terms of relevance. Not a good investment considering reports say his costume and entrance cost somewhere around $500,000. Eric Bischoff likes to brag about how his idea was to have his show grounded in "realism" while the WWE was hokey, but this was the opposite of that. The crowd didn't buy into it and for good reason.

4) Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon: Honestly, there was no other way that this could have possibly gone. After Kevin Nash and Scott Hall fled to WCW for those big checks, the WWE thought they could cash in themselves using the names Diesel and Razor Ramon. This was built up for weeks as Jim Ross, playing a heel, kept bragging about them coming in. When the time finally arrived and the fans saw it wasn't Nash or Hall, they crapped on it and rightfully so. Were we supposed to take this seriously? At least it got Hall and Nash even more money because WCW somehow believed it was really them jumping ship.

3) Seven: I've always been a huge Goldust fan. The character is great and has some incredible longevity, second to only Kane and the Undertaker probably. But pretty much every other gimmick that Dustin had has been shit. Seven is at the top of the list as he seemed to be billed as a child molester. Obviously, not a good start. Things take a massive turn for the worse though as when he finally debuts he throws it all away. Whatever money they spent on the vignettes was wasted because WCW decided it should just be a work. Bad move.

                    2) The Yeti: WCW had just debuted their new flagship show Nitro and things were looking up for the company. They were putting on competitive matches and competing with Raw in the ratings. Re-watching this stuff on the WWE Network was fun...and then the Yeti showed up. During Hulk Hogan's feud with the Giant, which already featured some of the weirdest booking ever, Kevin Sullivan revealed an iceberg or something. From it emerged the Yeti...but he looked like a mummy. And had no business in professional wrestling. To make everything a million times worse, Tony Schiavone pronounced it as "Ye-TAY" 

1) The Shockmaster:  I don't think there could be another answer. Classic WCW here, as they took Fred Ottman, aka Typhoon and gave him this memorable moment. Sting introduced the Shockmaster and we were supposed to be in awe. What happened instead was a lame explosion and then the Shockmaster bursting through the wall and tripping. Not only that but his bedazzled Stormtrooper helmet, which was a god awful look, fell off. Ric Flair's reaction of "oh god" best sums this up. It even was near the top of WWE Countdown's Biggest Blunders episode.