Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Lucha Underground "Every Woman is Sexy, Every Women in a Star" Review

After a recap of Aztec Warfare III, we get more "white rabbit" vignettes. It seems to focus on three men, one of them being Paul London dressed similarly to the Mad Hatter. He says "El Bunny" will lead them.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aerostar, Drago and Fenix (c) def. The Rabbit Tribe (Mala Suerte, Saltador and Paul London) in 5:43
Saltador looks cool, but the jury is out on Suerte. London really brings a leader vibe to the role. His attire is very interesting. The Rabbit Tribe starts hot and London gets to show off his charisma. Once things calm down to a more standard trios match, it becomes more of an even battle. I can't really rate this since my feed cut out and I missed the finish. I saw the outcome though.

After the match, Kobra Moon appeared and shouted at Drago. She promised that soon, he will bow to his queen. She made sure to hiss afterwards.

Returning, The Mack comes up to Sexy Star in the back and can't believe that she won the title. He says the title should be his and then says he's joking and hugs her. He wants to be in her corner to make sure no shenanigans go down when she defends the title against Johnny Mundo tonight. She declines because she wants to show the world that her winning was no fluke. Apparently, Mack completely understands Spanish.

Dante Fox def. Killshot in 8:07
This has backstory considering Fox was apparently left in a warzone by Killshot. Killshot didn't seem to want to have the match but Fox shoves him to start. From there on, they just went right at it and both guys showed off some impressive athleticism. Fox nailed the expressions throughout, looking at Killshot with hatred. At one point, they went into an insane back and forth where Killshot hit a rolling cutter in an awesome spot. Fox escaped an armbar but got hit with an apron DVD. Killshot followed with a top rope double stomp for a very close near fall. Fox came back and nailed a jumping springboard seated Spanish Fly. Yes, exactly that. He then hit the Fox Catcher for the win. This was an awesome sprint. They went balls to the walls and this was an absolute blast. This feud should continue and bring more excitement. ***3/4

Johnny Mundo enters Dario Cueto's office and it amounts to each guy thinking the other is a prick. Mundo is upset at Angelico for interfering in Aztec Warfare and filed a restraining order against him.

Dario met up with Black Lotus and she wants Pentagon Dark. So does the Black Lotus Triad. Dario was impressed with their attack last week. He books Pentagon against them in a gauntlet match next week. Win or lose, Pentagon will have to face all four of them.

Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo def. Sexy Star (c) in 11:07
This was Mundo cashing in his Gift of the Gods Championship. Mundo went for quick pin attempts and they traded submission attempts. Sexy again played the underdog who was overmatched. For all that they about her being a strong woman, she always seems overmatched. Mundo took to wearing her down. Sexy began the babyface rally and was on the verge of a win. They fought outside and Mundo stole a crutch from a fan. Sexy took it from him but when she tried to help the fan, the fan laid her out with brass knuckles. Mundo rolled her inside and won the title after hitting the End of the World. The fan was in a mask and revealed herself to be Taya. Typical match from them. It was better than their GOTG Title match but still not great. I appreciated that their was less interference but it still fell mostly flat for me. Mundo as champion is pretty cool though. **1/4

Overall: 6/10. A pretty average episode this week. The Rabbit Tribe seems really cool but I wouldn't have put them in a title match here. They should have won their first match and established themselves. The main event lacked but the title change was welcome. The real reason to check this episode out was Fox/Killshot. It was a lot of fun and I expect there's more to come.

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