Thursday, September 17, 2015

NXT Report 9/16/15

Tyler Breeze comes out for the opening contest. Adam Rose is out with his new “party pooper” gimmick. He’s doing this because the WWE Universe took a poop on his party. Bull Dempsey comes out, getting “Bullfit” chants. He is here to beat Tyler “so bad”. Breeze says that being paired together last week was the only accident along with the day that Bull was born. Tyler says that he would fight Bull now but he’s about to compete. Rose calls Bull “tubby” and slaps him. Bull lays into him and takes him down with a body avalanche. Tyler attacks from behind and when Bull nearly turns things around, Tyler escapes.

Backstage, they try to get a word with Tyler about Bull challenging him. Tyler stops and answers with a selfie video, accepting a match for next week.

Tye Dillinger vs. Danny Burch

It’s interesting to see Tye Dillinger on the other side of one of these matches. They work some early back and forth, with Tye applying an interesting hold. He takes Burch over and shouts “TEN” before saying it again after a cartwheel. For some reason, he’s Danny Burch today but was Martin Stone for his past few appearances. Dillinger hits a nice clothesline and seems to be calling for the win. A Russian leg sweep and stomp follow. He brings the knee pad down and hits his finisher.

Winner: Tye Dillinger in 3:15
Your typical squash match. Nothing special but Tye got to be rather entertaining.

Baron Corbin and Rhyno are interviewed. They are asked if they’re worried about Gargano and Ciampa upsetting them. Rhyno isn’t and Corbin says that they are looking straight through them.

A vignette airs for Kana, who will be going by Asuka. She is here NEXT WEEK!

Apollo Crews vs. Solomon Crowe

They shake hands and have a short standoff as their history on the indies is discussed. Apollo goes for a second handshake but Crowe kicks it away. They start talking about how Crowe might be jealous. Apollo shows off his athleticism and nails a nice dropkick. Crews goes for a baseball slide but Crowe gets him wrapped up in the apron and just pounds away on him. Crowe works over Crews for a bit, with some vicious looking offense. Crews starts to fight back and Crowe runs into a loud kick. Crews goes into his comeback, hitting a sweet corner splash and big leaping clothesline. Crews hits the gorilla press and moonsault for the win.

Winner: Apollo Crews in 4:51
Hey, I thought that was pretty good and could have been much better if given more time. Crowe was more aggressive and it suited him far better than his bland face work. **

Backstage, Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa are itnerviewed about how their win wasn’t shocking and that they’ve earned their spots in NXT.

Devin Taylor interviews Dana Brooke and Emma, who requested this time. Emma says that they seem to be missing out from the fun of the new champion and the new Divas coming in. Playtime is over she says. Dana pats Devin on the head, which makes Emma laugh. She comes back and does it a few more times.

An Escalade it seems, pulls up to the arena. Out steps Sasha Banks.

We are given an update on the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. We are told that the Hype Bros advanced on a recent NXT live event. They will face Gabel and Jordan. The Vaudevillains also advanced over Blake and Murphy. Next week, in Texas, the Vaudevillains will face Dawson and Wilder. I think, I kind of looked away.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Baron Corbin and Rhyno vs. Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa

We get told that the Semi-Finals and Finals will both take place at the next TakeOver. Ciampa takes control over Rhyno, surprising him with his offense. They work a cool double team that sees Gargano stomp on Rhyno. He sends Corbin out and follows with a suicide dive. Rhyno gets sent out and Gargano hits a second one! Ciampa climbs up top and hits a body press onto both opponents. Corbin works with Ciampa and hits a MASSIVE Bossman slam. After a commercial, Corbin is still working over Ciampa. They tease the hot tag but Rhyno and Corbin prove to be tough to overcome. Corbin draws monster heat. Ciampa gets an opening after a missile dropkick. Both guys tag out and Gargano comes in hot. He hits a kick to the skull and a slingshot DDT for two. Gargano leaps over a Gore and kicks Corbin in the head, getting a VERY close two hat the fans bite on. He charges but is caught in End of Days. 1-2-3.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Rhyno in 8:03
Another solid tag team match in this tournament. Gargano once again was the more impressive guy on his team but they played the monster heels vs. resilient babyface stuff well. **3/4

Devin Taylor interviews the Vaudevillains about their match with the Mechanics. They say it would be an honor to win the Dusty Classic. BAMF interrupt and Alexa Bliss says that they are using their rematch clause next week.

A Nia Jax vignette is shown.

Non-Title Match: Bayley vs. Sara Dobson

Bayley goes through the crowd and celebrates with all of the fans. She also brings her biggest fan Izzy, into the ring with her, which is pretty great. Dobson starts with a headbutt and is in control for the first few seconds. She hits an interesting cartwheel knee drop for two. Dobson applies a guillotine choke like submission, getting in far more offense than expected. Bayley powers out and rungs her into the turnbuckle to break the hold. Bayley gets in some double axe handles and her corner elbow. Bayley to Belly hits and that’s a wrap.

Winner: Bayley in 2:28
A squash match that started surprisingly one-sided on the other side.

Bayley gets a microphone after the match. She can’t say much because Sasha Banks interrupts. She says that she came out to congratulate her. All that she’s been hearing is about how they stole the show at TakeOver and had a match of the year. It was also the greatest women’s match in company history. I agree completely with that. Sasha says that’s great but she didn’t come here to put on great matches, she came here to be the best. She claims that Bayley was only better than her for three seconds. Bayley says she has something to prove too, and will give her a rematch whenever she wants, even right now. Sasha wants to prove that she’s the best female wrestler in the company. She wants to do more than beat her, she wants to send a message. Bayley suggests a 2 out of 3 falls. That’s not good enough for Sasha. Fans chant “Ironwoman” and out comes William Regal. He announces that the rematch happens on October 7th at TakeOver in a 30 minute Ironwoman match! They will also main event the show. Sasha and Bayley shake hands and Sasha leaves Bayley to close the show.