Friday, August 29, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 8-28-14

When Smackdown moves to Thursdays on 10/2/14, I'm not going to be as excited for Thursdays anymore. Unfortunately, tonight's show opened in a way that I'm not a fan of. The Ascension came out and guess what they did guys? They beat two jobbers. I do appreciate the fans chanting "Let's Go Jobber" which is one of the funnier chants I can remember. The Ascension won rather quickly and then a cut promo about how they're going to retain at NXT TakeOver.

The new General Manager of NXT was introduced next and it was revealed to be William Regal. While I will greatly miss Regal on commentary, he should be good in a GM role as long as he gets television time. He was really good as the WWF Commissioner early in the last decade (wow that sounds so long ago). He wants to announce the main event for TakeOver so Adrian Neville comes out. Tyson Kidd interrupts and thinks he's instantly the number one contender. Tyler Breeze interrupts because that "uggo" shouldn't get the title shot. Sami Zayn comes out and wants a shot because he's SAMI ZAYN DAMMIT! Neville wants to fight all three so Regal makes a Fatal Four Way at TakeOver. THAT GUN BE GUD!

Sasha Banks and her awesome new theme came out next as it's time for a rematch from a few weeks ago as she faced Bayley. Two of my three favorite Divas on the NXT roster and they did it again by putting on another really good match. Bayley picks up the win with the Belly to Bayley and gained momentum heading into TakeOver. I'll take these two again on September 11th over anything involving Charlotte. Bayley gets interviewed by Renee Young after the match and those two sharing a ring broke world records of adorableness. Charlotte interrupted and the ring got a LOT uglier. They had a good promo and Bayley discussed how she wants to accomplish her dream. Good stuff.

So, Bull Dempsey was out next as he looked to squash Angelo Dawkins. He did just that and the worst part of it all was the announcement that Dempsey would face Mojo Rawley at TakeOver. I would like to know who booked this and thought "this is gonna be a good match." At ArRival, Mojo and CJ Parker stunk up the joint and at TakeOver, I was happy that Rusev destroyed Mojo. That's three specials for Mojo while Sasha Banks has had none. Just saying. Also, Jojo is doing a fantastic job as NXT ring announcer and is now more valuable on the roster than Eva Marie.

Earlier in the show, William Regal decided to make tonight's main event a tag team match pitting Tyler Breeze and Tyson Kidd against Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville. Of course this was a great match. Duh. Lots of fast paced action, some cool spots and a dash of storytelling. Neville gets kicked in the fact by Zayn accidentally, allowing Tyson Kidd to sneak in an pin the NXT Champion, something he's yet to be able to do. Zayn would kick him in the face after the match and stand in the middle of the ring holding the NXT Championship. It looked damn good.

Superstars was a very forgettable program this week. Adam Rose faced Curtis Axel in basically the same match they had on Main Event, which is fine, but did nothing special as Rose won again. We get a bunch of recaps before the main event which featured R-Truth against Fandango. Another ho hum match, and it's funny that both guys had matching pants nearly. Fandango won with a rollup and I wonder what happened to the SummerLay/Fandango saga. Oh well, NXT was great and gets an 8/10, while Superstars earns a 2/10. No good pictures of Superstars so you get more Sami Zayn and you like it.

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