Monday, April 13, 2015

Fave Five 4/6/15-4/12/15

1) The Kimber Bombs: The team of Kimber Lee and Cherry Bomb has been making waves lately. At Shine 25 about a month ago, the Kimber Bombs captured the Shine Tag Team Titles, becoming the third team in history to hold the titles. That's impressive, but they're here this week for adding the SHIMMER Tag Team Titles. SHIMMER is a promotion that I love dearly. Unfortunately, I've missed more of their shows recently than I care to count but I've been catching up. Not only are the Kimber Bombs a team with great chemistry, but their win was extra significant. The team they overthrew, the Global Green Gangsters of Tomoko Nakagawa and Kellie Skater, were the longest reigning champions in history at 727 days. The Kimber Bombs would add to their week by successfully defending the belts against Courtney Rush and Xandra Bale, as well as Team Slap Happy. A great week for a great team.

2) Nicole Matthews: As I mentioned, I am a pretty big fan of SHIMMER Women's Athletes. I've watched them since the early single digit volumes they produced. Around SHIMMER 14 or 15 I believe, Nicole Matthews came into play. I watched her develop into my absolute favorite girl in all of women's wrestling. When I read that she won the SHIMMER Title a while back, I was elated. At SHIMMER 72 and 73, she had to big title defenses to make. On the first, she retained the gold against Kay Lee Ray and then she retained against Havok. Then, on SHIMMER 74, she also retained against former champion and another of my favorites, Madison Eagles. Some people had successful title defenses this week, but only Matthews had three.

3) Prince Puma: Speaking of champions with successful title defenses this week, we move to Prince Puma. He has been excellent as the reigning and defending Lucha Underground champion. Hell, he's been excellent in Lucha Underground period. This week, he took on one of the other top guys in LU, King Cuerno. Cuerno would probably be in my top five guys in Lucha Underground as he has impressed me greatly. Puma won though, continuing to solidify his spot as THE MAN in the promotion. Not only every title defense, but nearly every single match he has is good to great. Whether it is stuff against Cuerno, Johnny Mundo or Cage, he can work different styles and work them very well.

4) Kurt Angle: While I'm not a fan of Kurt Angle as TNA World Champ, he has to be here. I've said it before and I'll say it again, TNA does an extremely good job of having their champions consistently defend the titles. Since winning the World Title four weeks ago, Angle already has two televised defenses. This week, he was set to face Lashley again after their controversial end last week, but Eric Young got involved. Playing the fighting champion role, Angle decided to put the strap on the line against both men. Their match was pretty good and, of course, Angle retained. I think he's set to move into a program with Eric Young, which is fine as long as EY doesn't take the belt. That's for EC3 to do. At least I hope that's the case.

5) Hideo Itami: I know that technically this week's NXT was stuff from before WrestleMania but TNA is also pre-recorded so whatever. This week's episode could have been called the "Hideo Itami Power Hour". Competing in the Tournament during WrestleMania Axxess to earn a spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Itami defeated former NXT Champion Adrian Neville and his sometimes tag team partner, Finn Balor. Both of those matches were really strong but then the show got taken to another level. Viewers were treated to an excellent mini documentary on Itami. We saw the day he signed, his early NXT stuff, him hitting the GTS in San Jose and his day at WrestleMania. It was an emotional story and one that really highlighted Itami well. It made me like him even more.