Sunday, December 13, 2015

TLC Predictions

You'll notice a trend here. A match that doesn't really make sense. Alberto Del Rio returned with Zeb Colter for reasons that were never really explained. We got told about MexAmerica very often but the point of it wasn't well explained and we never really got a backstory. Jack Swagger returned to question why Zeb would align himself with Del Rio. Is it simply because he's Mexican or because of their history? If they really wanted MexAmerica to be a thing, wouldn't Zeb have tried to get his former client involved? Anyway, this led to Swagger and Del Rio feuding, only for Del Rio to join the League of Nations and dump Zeb. So now two guys are having a match over Zeb Colter, and Zeb isn't in either guy's corner. Del Rio retains because it's Jack Swagger.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

When TNA can't let go of the ECW thing, it's dumb. When the WWE does it, it's still dumb. I was all for a Dudley Boyz return, even if their feud with New Day disappointed. Nothing about this really interests me. The Wyatts will win because they can beat unimportant people, but lose the big matches. This isn't a big match.

Winners: The Wyatt Family

Seriously, what the fuck is this feud? Heading into Survivor Series, Paige mentioned Reid Flair out of nowhere to try and build a personal rivalry. The match at the PPV did not follow the flow of what you'd expect a bitter feud to be. The next night, they had a more physical match and it looked like they were headed to a more personal PPV match. Suddenly, creative threw everything out the window. Becky Lynch was brought into play, but not in a logical way. The sympathetic face champion, who just defended the honor of her dead brother, randomly started being a dirty player like her dad (I mean, she uses everything else her dad does, but still). So, why should I root for Charlotte? Why should I cheer Paige? Why am I asking questions about a division that creative gives zero fucks about? Charlotte retains because Paige is gonna go to 0-6 on PPV/Network special Divas Title matches this year.

Winner: Charlotte

This should be a blast. The New Day have easily been the most entertaining thing on the main roster since the summer, while the Lucha Dragons are my second favorite active main roster tag team. The Usos are still good to have around for good matches and they're pretty over. I don't expect this to reach the levels of the old school triple threat ladder matches, but it should still honestly steal the show. I truly believe that the belts should stay on the New Day but I think the WWE is going to want faces with some belts. I also think that if the New Day have to drop the straps, it should be to the Lucha Dragons. What I think will happen though, is another Usos title reign.

Winners: The Usos

One of only two matches that I'm looking forward to. I was excited for the Survivor Series match, which turned out to be really good, but just shy of great. At first, I was surprised this wasn't given one of the stipulations. After thinking about it, I realized there is a lot of time in between TLC and the Royal Rumble. That means we can expect endless rematches between these two over the next few weeks of Raw and Smackdown. That being said, this should be another solid match between two guys that can't afford a loss. I'm holding out hope that Owens remains champion until he faces a debuting Sami Zayn leading to a match at WrestleMania.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Man, this is one unenthusiastic main event. They've had some okay matches on Raw in recent months, but nothing about this screams PPV headliner. To make an already unappealing WWE Title match even worse, the weeks leading up to this show have been atrocious. Sheamus gets a new stable and Roman Reigns lays them out. Then Reigns beats all four members via countout on Smackdown. Then on Raw, Reigns pinned Sheamus and, to top it all off, he then made Sheamus look like a joke in arguably the worst go home Raw closing segment of all time. It's like, you put this terrible dish in front of us, and instead of trying to make it more appetizing, you dropped it on the floor and made it even worse. If Sheamus wins, Reigns comes up short on the big stage again. If Reigns wins, Sheamus looks like even more of a joke than he already has. Contrary to what other "writers" will tell you, this is a lose/lose situation. I go with Sheamus because the WWE likes to job out the champion, then have him retain through nefarious terms.

Winner: Sheamus

2015 Prediction Record: 56-33
2014 Prediction Record: 22-18 (Only five PPVs)