Thursday, September 3, 2015

Random Match Reviews: Alex Shelley vs. Prince Devitt

Show: Best of the Super Juniors Finals
Date: 6/9/13
Location: Tokyo, Japan

Decided to give this a watch since I've become a fan of Finn Balor and have always loved Alex Shelley. The Bullet Club get evened out by Shelley having KUSHIDA, Captain New Japan and Hiroshi Tanahashi in his corner. I liked how they worked slow early and Devitt targeted an apparent injury from Shelley. The Bullet Club get in their cheap shots throughout, but it grows tiresome quickly. In the middle of the match, a massive brawl ensues between the sides, leading to them getting ejected. The idea in theory is great, but it takes far too long to execute, taking away from the match. Once it's down to the two men, it works well, with Shelley playing the resilient babyface. I do think that in the end, they overdo it on the near falls, having Shelley kick out of damn near everything before finally falling to a brainbuster. Really good match that had the potential to be so much more if it wasn't marred by interference and an overabundance of near falls in the end. 

Match Time - 18:25 ***¾

NXT Report 9/2/15

A short video opens the show, telling us that we are going to celebrate Dusty Rhodes with the start of the Tag Team Classic tonight.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: The Ascension vs. Baron Corbin and Rhyno

Many people may have forgotten, but the Ascension held the NXT Tag Team Titles for nearly a year and are over as fuck in Full Sail. Rhyno starts against Viktor, with Viktor busting out a rolling shoulder block. Tags to Corbin and Konnor, the bigger members of each team. To take Corbin down, the Ascension use a double shoulder block. The crowd “Yahs” with each stomp that Konnor does. “One more yah” chant but Corbin rolls away from the kick only to be sent back in and stomped. Finally, Corbin and Rhyno are able to gain some traction when Viktor takes the LOD Hawk spot and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Rhyno and Corbin work him over with some quick tags. Corbin hits a big Bossman slam but only gets two. Both guys make the tag and Konnor comes in rather hot. It’s interesting to see them working as faces. Konnor flapjacks Rhyno and they call for the Fall of Man but Corbin breaks it up. This allows Rhyno to Gore Konnor and win.

Winners: Baron Corbin and Rhyno in 5:36
Perfectly acceptable match here. They played to the crowd being into the Ascension, worked quickly and accomplished what they needed to. **1/2

Devin Taylor interviews another team in the Dusty Classic, Neville and Solomon Crowe. Neville puts over what Dusty meant to him and Crowe is excited about being partnered with someone as good as Neville. Neville seems weirded out by Crowe’s level of excitement.

An ad airs to promote the NXT UK tour in December.

A Nia Jax vignette is shown.

Alexa Bliss vs. Blue Pants

Blue Pants continues to be incredibly over. Alexa Bliss attacks right at the bell, firing away on Blue Pants. Alexa goes to work on the arm, stopping to try and humiliate her at every chance. Alexa talks smack in between nearly every move and hits a nice kick to the back at one point. Blue Pants starts to rally, getting two on a Northern lights suplex. She charges into the corner but misses and Alexa trips her up. She hits a backflip knee drop before climbing up top. Sparkle Splash hits to end things.

Winner: Alexa Bliss in 3:31
Alexa Bliss still needs tons of work when it comes to in ring ability, but she is nailing her bitchy role. Standard match from them. *

William Regal is talking backstage to Johnny Gargano and Toamasso Ciampa. Tyler Breeze interrupts and wants a partner for the Dusty Tag Team Classic. Regal says that Gargano and Ciampa are the hottest free agents. Next week, they will face Breeze and Bull Dempsey. Breeze is pissed about the partner but says that he will win regardless.

A recap is shown of Emma’s win in the fatal four way match last week. Emma is interviewed after the match, reminding everyone that the “Divas Revolution” started with her.

Apollo Crews vs. Martin Stone

Apollo Crews is already pretty over. Stone gets in some quick stuff but then Apollo hits a sweet dropkick and arm drag. Stone comes back with a nice clothesline and works a wear down hold. Crews hits an enziguri and a corner splash. His flying clothesline is impressive as this dude is absurdly athletic. He hits a gorilla press followed by a standing moonsault to win.

Winner: Apollo Crews in 2:57
The kind of squash match that I enjoy. Martin Stone didn’t look incompetent, but Crews got to get in his stuff. *1/2

Devin Taylor interviews Jason Jordan and Chad Gable about their match against Neville and Solomon Crowe. They are confident that they aren’t the underdogs.

After a commercial, Devin Taylor interviews Finn Balor about defending his title on the upcoming Texas shows. He looks forward to being there for the big shows in Texas. She then asks him about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and introduces Finn’s partner, Samoa Joe. Joe wants to win and they shake on it.

Eva Marie vs. Billie Kay

Eva gets free of Billi quickly and blows a kiss so Billie just big boots her for two. Eva comes back with shoulder thrusts and gets two on a suplex. She goes to her rest hold with piss poor facial expressions again. Billie counters into a small package for two. Eva shoudler blocks her down and hits a senton for two. She goes back to the same hold but Billie fights back, hitting some clotheslines. She slam/suplexes Eva and the referee should have counted three because Eva didn’t kick out. instead, he stops and she just gets up. The crowd shits all over this. She just then hits her finish.

Winner: Eva Marie in 3:43
That was awful. The crowd wasn’t hating it but that botch was terrible. 1/4*

We see an interview with Enzo, Big Cass and the Hype Bros after their win last week. They put over the New York crowd and all seem weirded out by Mojo’s hypeness. They argue about where to hang out in NY.

Next week, the Lucha Dragons face Balor and Joe.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan vs. Neville and Solomon Crowe

Chad Gable starts with Solomon Crowe and they go to the mat. That’s a mistake if you’re Crowe because Gable is awesome there. The fans chant for Neville as Crowe and Gable work. Neville tags to a pop and works over Gable. Jordan then gets tagged and goes to the mat with Neville. Neville goes into a string of offense and they send the heels outside for a commercial. Returning, Jordan hits a sweet belly to belly on Crowe, who is playing the face in peril. As Crowe is outside and being counted out, Jordan fans Gable with his towel, which is great. Crowe rolls back in at the count of eight. Neville looked a bit annoyed by this. Jordan and Gable working over Crowe is fun since Gable is one of those guys that works the mat but makes it entertaining as hell. Crowe finally makes the hot tag. Neville flies in and does some of his enthralling offense. He hits everything moving and sets for the Red Arrow. Gable pulls Jordan out to save him though. Neville just says fuck it and moonsaults onto Jordan followed by Crowe diving onto Gable. Neville springboards in but Jordan catches him and launches him in a flapjack variation. As Neville kicks Jordan, Crowe tags himself in and hits a running knee. His next move is countered into a sick belly to belly from Jordan. The tag to Gable and they nail their awesome finisher to advance.

Winners: Chad Gable and Jason Jordan in 9:40
A really fun tag team match here. Gable and Jordan has really meshed as a team and have future champs written over them. They’re like the World’s Greatest Tag Team, with more charisma. At least Gable is. The tension between Neville and Crowe was well played too. ***1/4