Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lucha Underground 6/15/16 Review

We start with clips reminding us of the angle going with the investigation into Dario Cueto, followed by a recap of Pentagon Jr. being broken by Vampiro so he could return stronger. We also see Catrina raising Mil Muertes again. Finally, we see Pentagon taking out Chavo Guerrero and being on the winning team for tonight's "Six to Survive" match.

Six to Survive Match: Pentagon Jr. def. Fenix, Ivelisse, Johnny Mundo, King Cuerno and Taya in 52:49
We got right into the action tonight. All of the participants were in the ring at the start. This is fought under elimination rules. Taya and Mundo targeted Ivelisse and worked together to attack her from the bell. Fenix and Pentagon, real life brothers, hit Mundo with the Dudleys' "wassup" move, minus the "wassup". While Cuerno set for his finisher on Fenix, Mil Muertes returned and the look on Cuerno's face was priceless. Muertes attacked but there's no disqualifications. Muertes powerbombed him, so Mundo took advantage with the End of the World to eliminate him at 4:19. Mil's eyes are now bloodshot red. I got jealous of Fenix as he copped a serious feel on Ivelisse when shoving her at one point. Then we almost got the Ivelisse/Taya confrontation but Mundo kicked Ivelisse before anything could happen. Taya eventually eliminated Ivelisse at around 12:40 with a Northern lights suplex into a big double stomp. After a break, Pentagon did his best Goldust and hit the Golden Globes on Taya, which was interesting to say the least. Mundo called for a fight with Pentagon, which was fun until Taya got involved. It kind of became a tag match of sorts, culminating with Pentagon sending Taya home at 22:28 with a Package Piledriver. Mundo checked on Taya a bit before getting back in the action. He tried to form a team with Fenix, but Fenix isn't stupid. Some really fun spots from all three men at this point, despite being exhausted. Mundo's cockiness cost him as he spent too much time in between moves pandering to the crowd. Pentagon and Fenix did a weird spot where they both ended up on top of Johnny and got the three on him at around the 35 minute mark. It was down to Penty and Fenix. It was here that the match got taken to the next level. I won't go into too much detail about their back and forth because it was very fast paced and deserves to be watched. Pentagon finally won it after a Mexican Destoryer right into a Package Piledriver. One of the better matches in a season completely full of them. ****1/4

Overall: 9/10. A tremendous episode. Similar to the great Aztec Warfare II episode, this was dominated by one sole match, but they pace everything so well that it never feels like it goes long. This was all sorts of great and deserves to be watched.

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