Saturday, October 1, 2016

Top Five Women WWE Should Sign

5) Nixon Newell: First of all, I'd like to point out that several of the top women on the indies aren't on the list for certain reasons. Ivelisse isn't listed due to her past with the WWE. I don't think she'd return. Cheerleader Melissa and Madison Eagles also didn't make it because I can't see the WWE signing many women in their thirties (even if they did pick up Asuka). Tessa Blanchard would be an honorable mention. With that out of the way, things start with Nixon Newell, who has been making quite the name for herself recently. The 21 year old Welsh wrestler appeared in SHIMMER this year and has been getting rave reviews for her work despite not being very experienced. She's young, talented, cute and is oozing potential. The WWE would be dumb to not try and sign her.

4) Candice LeRae: This one seems like a foregone conclusion, though it hasn't happened yet for some reason. Candace LeRae has been one of, if not the biggest name among females on the indies for quite some time. She's seemingly been around forever, has held multiple championships and goes to war with men a lot of the time. She also happens to be the fiancee of NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano. With Gargano doing so well for the company this year, I think Candace has a really good shot. She's already just as good, if not better than most of the women currently signed to the WWE and her plucky, underdog, adorable nature could make her the straight babyface female that NXT lost when Bayley got called up.

3) Santana Garrett: Like Candace, I feel like this signing has a good chance of happening. Santana Garrett has worked several NXT matches already and she's located in NXT's home state of Florida. Santana is probably most known for a TNA run but her really impressive body of work lies elsewhere. She has competed in Shine as well as Stardom over in Japan. Mixing it up with some of the top, hard hitting women in Japan like Mayu Iwatani and Io Shiari has only helped her improve. She also has a very marketable look and could be a potential star.

2) Evie: This is a woman that I have been raving about pretty loudly for a long time now, especially this year. She competed in one of my favorite matches this year against Mayu Iwatani in Stardom back in February. Evie wrestled against Nia Jax last October and, like the rest of the girls listed here, has loads of potential. The New Zealand native has it all. The looks, ability, size and likability. If you follow her on social media, you'll see that she's very relatable and down to earth. She even took part in a recent NewLegacy Inc. stream and had a blast playing GTA5 with the guys. Evie is currently one half of the SHIMMER Tag Team Champions with Heidi Lovelace (who also almost made the list) but could do so much more if the WWE picked her up.

1) Nicole Matthews: My number one with a bullet and has been for years. I remember seeing Nicole Matthews debut on SHIMMER 15 I believe. I watched her grow and develop to not just a great performer, but arguably the best in SHIMMER. Her team with Portia Perez, the Canadian Ninjas, was always very enjoyable. She shined in singles matches with Daizee Haze early on and eventually went on to win the SHIMMER Title. There is literally nothing this woman can't do. She can cut promos in a serious or comedic vein, in the ring and she's as skilled as anyone in the ring. From Jessie McKay to Madison Eagles to Joshi women, Matthews competes with them all and always delivers. She's the closest thing to the complete package of women not currently in the WWE.