Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lucha Underground "The Open Road to Revenge" Review

First, we see Dragon Azteca Jr. getting ready for the night, talking to a photo of his father. Chavo Guerrero shows up and attacks him with a chair for taking his chance for revenge against Pentagon Dark. Rey shows up afterwards and realized it was Chavo, leading to a very cheesy "CHAVOOOOOOOO" scream like this was Wrath of Khan or something.

Dr. Wagner Jr. and Famous B w/ Brenda def. Mascarita Sagrada and Son of Havoc in 5:26
Sagrada and Havoc showed up on bike and sidecard. They did stereo dives and worked well as a team. Once the match actually got going, Brenda talked smack on the outside. Wagner did most of the work since Famous B was wearing his trademark white suit. Sagrada nearly beat Famous B, but Dr. Wagner showed back up. He took out SOH and hit the Wagner Driver on Sagrada. Famous B entered and took the cheap pin. Way more fun than it had any right to be. I like Famous B because he's not what we typically get in LU. He brings a highly entertaining, different brand of wrestling. **1/2

We get informed that next week, Matanza will defend his title but in bigger news, Mil Muertes goes one on one with Prince Puma in a rematch for their Ultima Lucha match, which I gave ****1/4.

Gift of the Gods Championship: Sexy Star (c) def. Jack Evans in 9:13
Recently, Evans has seemed to have some issues with the rest of the Worldwide Underground. He got on the mic beforehand and said that this was gonna be the end of Sexy's career. He'd add "star destroyer" to his "dragon slayer" legacy. She slapped him and this got going. Sexy started hot but Evans turned it around and sent her into the corner. She came back and hit a surprising Gory special for two. Johnny Mundo appeared and speared Sexy but she still survived the pin by Evans. Aerostar and Drago came out to stop Mundo and PJ Black, evening the odds. Sexy got a kendo stick and hit Evans low, followed by a neckbreaker to win. Another fun match. It had the right amount of interference and some good back and forth between Evans and Sexy. ***

In his office, Dario Cueto got a phone call about Dragon Azteca being in the hospital. Chavo was in the office and he was gonna put him against Pentagon Dark. Rey Mysterio barged in, called Chavo a piece of shit and wanted to face him. They had a short, wacky fight scene which Dario loved. He made the main event a three way match with the two of them and Pentagon.

Pentagon Dark def. Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio Jr. in 8:39
Whatever they seem to do with his character, Pentagon remains the most over guy on the roster. They played this like a match where three guys all wanted to get their hands on each other. Chavo wanted revenge on Pentagon for breaking his arm, Rey wanted Chavo for hurting Dragon and Pentagon wanted to avenge a loss to Rey earlier in the season. Chavo continued his role of smart heel that takes every short cut. Pentagon and Rey working together was easily the highlight. After getting rid of Chavo, Pentagon hit the package piledriver and I believed he joined only Matanza as guys to pin Mysterio. Another good match. ***

Pentagon went to break Rey's arm but Rey got free and knocked him outside. Chavo went on the offensive, grabbing the steel chair. He launched it at Rey. Chavo closed the show by bashing Rey's leg with the chair in the tree of Joey Lawrence.

Overall: 6.5/10. I think this was a solid episode. All three matches were pretty entertaining but in a rarity for Lucha Underground, there wasn't a lot of advancement in many stories. It's fine to take a week off from that, but I'm just not convinced on centering an episode around Chavo Guerrero in 2016.

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