Friday, April 3, 2015

Smackdown 4/2/15 Review

Smackdown opens with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. When was the last time we were able to say that? Of course he's accompanied by the Authority and brags about cashing in Money in the Bank. Randy Orton interrupts to say that he beat Seth at WrestleMania and wants a title shot. After dissing Kane, the Director of Operations fires back by booking Orton vs. Big Show and if Orton wins, maybe they'll consider giving him a title shot. Orton makes a good point that he's still owed a singles rematch from losing the belt at WrestleMania XXX. The match only goes about a minute before J&J Security jump in and the Authority put the boots to Orton. He fights back but is helpless until Ryback makes the save and Rollins is sent running.

After a recap of the Intercontinental Title situation from Raw airs, we move to a Divas match. Naomi, who pinned the Divas Champion Nikki Bella on Raw, takes on her rival, Natalya. Naomi gets a little pre-match picture in picture promo and it's pretty bad. She's quite possible Brie Bella bad when it comes to talking. This only goes a bit over two minutes with Naomi picking up the win. I guess we are getting a Naomi/Nikki program. Also, how ironic is it that Nikki's shirt said something along the lines of "The Real Bella". Unless it said the "Real Bella Twins", because that's exactly what her tits should be considered.

Backstage, Kane is mad about eating an RKO and he books the Extreme Rules main event. Seth is not happy and then complains about the office smelling bad. He leaves and we find out Dean Ambrose was using Kane's personal bathroom. It's weird to see Dean and Seth so nearby and not hating each other. Dean gets booked against Luke Harper. We move to a Roman Reigns sit down interview. The early parts are cheesy where he says he's thinking about buying a condo in Suplex City. It gets better when he talks about he messed up Brock's face with his face. This was well done to put over Brock and Roman, as well as the anger towards Seth Rollins. Following this, Miz and R-Truth worked another short match tonight. Miz wins the battle of Awesome Truth, followed by Mizdow appearing to take him out and put on the shades. Perfectly acceptable stuff here. Next, it's time for a good old fashioned John Cena talking segment. I'd like to point out how cool it is that Smackdown has Cena, a Reigns promo, Orton, Rollins and Bryan tonight. It has lacked star power in the past. Cena does a great job in selling how important Rusev's run and undefeated streak were. He says that he will continue to issue open challenges every single week. Rusev and Lana interrupt. It's odd that he's with Lana randomly now. I do appreciate that she has her ankle taped up, selling what happened at WrestleMania. Lana is great on the mic, badmouthing Cena. Rusev takes over and blames Lana for the loss, before saying that he will take back his belt at Extreme Rules. I love Rusev's promos because they are so badass. He doesn't say anything fancy, just that he's gonna beat your ass.

So the next match is happening because Dean Ambrose dropped a deuce in Kane's office. I chuckled at that, but this should have just been booked purely because Luke Harper nearly killed Ambrose in the Ladder match at WrestleMania. The match is good, since these two work well together, though their attires being similar bugs me. At least Dean worse his WWE Shop shirt rather than a matching tank top. I would have liked to have seen Ambrose pick up a win here, since he never seems to. It ends via DQ and Harper powerbombs him through the announce table, similar to how he powerbombed him through a ladder at Mania. This was fun and I don't particularly mind it continuing, but Dean needs wins in the worst way possible.

After Dean Ambrose is helped to the back, the Prime Time Players get a promo. It's a backstage one but they diss the New Day and how they aren't over. Ouch. The crowd cheered it so I don't know if they're going to be heels. Sheamus is out for the main event and has new theme music. It works for his heel turn. Bad News Barrett is out on commentary and this was a damn good match. Sheamus and Bryan have always had good chemistry, with my favorite match of theirs being the Two out of Three Falls one at Extreme Rules 2012. Sheamus' hard hitting style works perfectly for a heel and Bryan is a great person to take a beating. As the match was getting great, Barrett hit the Bull Hammer on Bryan and busted him open. Blood at Mania is one thing, but on Smackdown too? Sheamus wins by countout. That would have been better had we not had two other non-finishes on the show already. Still, a solid episode of Smackdown with some good storyline development. 7/10.