Sunday, June 14, 2015

Money in the Bank Predictions

Why is this match happening? Seriously, does anyone know? They are just straight up getting lazy with the Kickoff Show now. As much as they like to job out Barrett, this is one that he should win.

Winner: King Barrett

You have no idea how happy it makes me to see Big E and Xavier Woods team up here. I enjoy Kofi Kingston in the team, but these two have been the MVPs of New Day in my eyes. It's also a pairing we don't see often, so I appreciate that. The last few Pay-Per-Views, I've been right in saying they wouldn't drop the belts because of how good they've been in their roles. I didn't see them losing to Tyson Kidd and Cesaro or the Lucha Dragons, so I definitely don't see them losing to the Prime Time Players. They has barely been any build. Maybe down the road they can win it, but not here.

Winners: The New Day

I am very happy that Naomi is out of the title picture. Nikki Bella and Paige have better chemistry together than pretty much any other Divas on the main roster. They have had a match on Raw and one on Main Event that I would consider the best main roster Divas matches this year. I assume this will be the best Divas PPV match since WrestleMania, though that isn't saying much. I suspect Nikki retains through "Twin Magic" or something like that. I see her breaking AJ Lee's record reign before Charlotte debuts and dethrones her.

Winner: Nikki Bella

Who let Big Show back into the company? And who the hell put him in a title match? Granted, this should absolutely be here so Ryback can Shell Shock Big Show and keep the title, but still. This was the World Heavyweight Title match we should have gotten at WrestleMania 29. I know that on paper, this looks like it will be pretty bad, but I actually saw these two work a singles match at NXT in Columbus. Guess what? It was solid. They hit each other hard and Ryback Shell Shocking him was a sight to see. Ryback retains because that's what needs to happen.

Winner: Ryback

The match that everyone is looking forward to the most. Kevin Owens and John Cena had the best singles match on the main roster all year at Elimination Chamber. Owens beating Cena clean was fantastic. However, if he just loses here and loses the potential rematches, it's all for naught. I think the best move is for Owens to win again here, cementing himself as a new top guy, especially since it looks like he'll be dropping the NXT Title on the 4th of July in Tokyo. Owens NEEDS to win here. But, I've said that before about Cena feuds with Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Wade Barrett, etc. I know that some people high up feel that Owens should win, but until I'm proven wrong, I'm going with Cena. I absolutely hope I'm wrong though.

Winner: John Cena

I have to admit, this is probably one of the weaker Money in the Bank fields in history. What I mean by that, is there isn't a lot of potential when it comes to winners. Dolph Ziggler, Kane and Randy Orton aren't winning one again. Kofi Kingston has no shot. I would like to see Neville, but I think he's here to steal the show with his aerial ability before moving onto a midcard title possibly. Sheamus is a small possibility, but Roman Reigns is pretty much the obvious choice. The match should be relatively fun despite the rather obvious outcome.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Since WrestleMania, this has been the hardest title match to figure out. You see, I don't really think Seth Rollins' run as Champion should end soon, but I also have seen the way he's been booked lately and it hasn't been good. On the other hand, I don't think they are ready to give Dean Ambrose a real run with the top title, but I sense they may go the the shocking route. He wins and Roman Reigns, who wins Money in the Bank, cashes in on him. I'm not sure if they're ready to turn Reigns heel either but I'm going with the fun prediction.

Winner: Dean Ambrose, then Roman Reigns cashes in successfully

2015 Prediction Record: 27-17
2014 Prediction Record: 22-18 (Only five PPVs)

NXT Columbus Report

Time for news from NXT Columbus. First things first, this arena actually had air conditioning, though it seemed like it was turned off after intermission.
We had another ten bell salute for Dusty Rhodes before going into a very similar card.

Enzo and Cass, this time with Carmella, took on the Vaudevillains. They worked a similar match to the night before but changed it up. Instead of a chicken fight, they worked an impromptu boxing fight between Aiden English and Enzo Amore. Enzo and Cass won in the same fashion as Cleveland. Also, before the show we were given "Gotch Dollars" to throw when Simon Gotch posed. It was fake money with Simon Gotch in a weird hat on it.

Bull Dempsey defeated Jason Jordan in another match similar to the night before in Cleveland. They added a few different spots where Jordan challenged Bull to do push ups and sit ups. Nothing special again. This actually kind of killed the crowd as they were quieter than usual until intermission after being red hot during the opener.
Third, Blake and Murphy again defended the Tag Team Titles against Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder. Again, this was very similar to Cleveland with a few different spots. Zack ate the pin after Blake and Murphy's finisher. Mojo got to kiss Alexa again, prompting a "No means no" chant. When she slapped him for it, it got a huge pop. BAMF's pink and black attire was excellent.

Our final match before intermission featured Sasha Banks defending the Women's Title against Charlotte. It was basically the same thing as the night before. The fans were kind of dead but woke up for Charlotte's excellent ring apron figure four spot. Sasha retained in another great match. These two don't have bad matches.

After intermission, we got a tag team match pitting Bayley and Carmella against Dana Brooke and Emma. Emma was way over. She got chants during her entrance and everything. Bayley is still an absolute joy to watch. I might have enjoyed it this time around more than at Cleveland. Tons of fun.

Here is where the card changed. We had no Rhyno this time so Baron Corbin instead took on Tyler Breeze. Corbin got more heat than anyone else on the show, while Breeze was very over. Corbin looked good working as the monster heel. Breeze was in top form as usual. There were "not the face" chants when he got hit there. Breeze won with the Beauty Shot in a fun match. Some little kid got into an argument with a fan and basically cut a promo on him. It was kind of funny.
Our main event was a Triple Threat match where Kevin Owens defended the NXT Title against Samoa Joe and Finn Balor. All three guys were super over and delivered in the ring. Owens did Cena's five moves of doom again and there was a fair amount of action involving Balor and Joe. Surprisingly, Joe ate the pin after Owens hit the popup powerbomb. Another excellent main event.