Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lucha Underground "Fade to Black" Review

The second round of the Cueto Cup continues!

The show opened with Prince Puma standing atop the Temple outside. His mind seemed to be racing. Vampiro joined him and said if he didn't win the Cueto Cup, the visions he keeps having will consume him. He looked down to see the Worldwide Underground walking in. PJ Black spotted him and flipped him the bird. Puma called Vamp his master and said he wouldn't lose.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Cage vs. Lucha Underground Trios Champion Pindar w/ Kobra Moon
After the bell rang, the referee tried to make Cage remove his gauntlet. Cage declined and clotheslined him. He set Pindar up for a suplex, but the DQ was called at 0:32. It made sense given Cage's out of the ring angle. [NR]

Cage hit a weak looking screwdriver type move on the referee.

Cueto Cup Second Round: Dante Fox vs. Son of Havoc
During SOH's entrance, Son of Madness jumped him and choked him. SOH fought back, only to be knocked out with a steel chain. Dario Cueto came out and said the match couldn't be postponed, so SOH had to forfeit or fight. He obviously chose to fight. Fox took advantage and hit a big dive early on. Though clearly in trouble, SOH gained momentum from the Temple. He found an opening by countering a body scissors move and sending Fox into the guardrail. Fox got back in control and seemed slightly amused that SOH continued to kick out and fight back. SOH delivered a wild DVD off the apron to the floor, in the best spot of the match. Fox eventually hit the Foxcatcher to advance at 9:06. One of the better tournament matches. Havoc fighting from behind was well done and they busted out some big spots. Fox is fitting in quite well in LU, while SOH is the best work of Matt Cross' career. [***1/2]

Backstage, Johnny Mundo brought PJ Black to meet their new agent, Benjamin Cook. He played the douchey agent type well. He believes they should be on cereal boxes and that LU couldn't exist without them. If PJ wins, he thinks they'll own LU.

Cueto Cup Second Round: PJ Black vs. Prince Puma
Puma wrestled in skinny jeans. Oh. Despite that, he moved around effortlessly and we got a fast paced opening sequence. Puma did a great job mixing in the athletic offense the fans love with some more aggressive traits, fitting of his recent story. PJ went after the neck. As the match progressed, the offense continued to get bigger and bigger from both guys. When Black kicked out of a super rana, the fans couldn't believe it. Puma played into potentially losing control so well. He finally delivered a brutal dropkick and won with the 630 at 15:53. Awesome match. Puma was so good in his new role, while Black was at the best I've ever seen him, regardless of company. I feel like if that same match took place in an NJPW ring, people would talk about it nonstop, but it'll most likely go overlooked. That's a shame, because it ruled. [****]

In Dario Cueto's office, PJ Black entered, worn out from the match. Dario Cueto said his agent, Mr. Cook, has called 17 times since the match ended five minutes ago. He wanted to give PJ another chance. Dario said he couldn't have another shot in the tournament, but will face Rey Mysterio Jr. next week, with a chance to prove himself.

Overall: 8/10. The best episode since the Cueto Cup began. Everything worked. The Cage DQ was great for the story they're telling with him, Havoc/Fox was another great underdog tale from Havoc and the main event was probably the second best match of season three. 

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