Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fave Five 12/5/16-12/11/16

1) The Miz: Unlike the previous week, this wasn't full of major accomplishments. Instead, I'm giving the honor this week to the guy who won the main event of Smackdown, The Miz. Miz scored a pinfall victory over Dean Ambrose, which was big. It's one thing to beat Ambrose by countout or disqualification but getting a pin, even with interference from James Ellsworth, was a big deal. Add in Miz's great work during MizTV where he handed out the hilarious "Miz Participation Award" and you've got another great week for a guy having one of the best runs of anyone since the draft. Miz should hold the Intercontinental Title until WrestleMania.

             2) Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma: I can't wrap my head about the booking decisions that Gedo makes. I think the best option for World Tag League winners was Hirooki Goto and Tomohiro Ishii, especially after Ishii got the best matches out of the Guerillas of Destiny a few months ago. Instead, Togi Makabe and Tomoaki Honma won the World Tag League by defeating the IWGP Tag Team Champions, the Guerillas of Destiny. So yes, that means that the two teams who met at Invasion Attack, Wrestling Dontaku and in the World Tag League Finals will face off again at Wrestle Kingdom. I didn't care about this tournament finals, so I didn't watch it but I do hear that it was their best match together. That bodes well for the eventual Tokyo Dome match, but I just can't bring myself to care. I'm sure everyone will give it a high rating though since apparently NJPW can do no wrong in most people's eyes. I mean, I'm seeing people give lots of praise to the Wrestle Kingdom 11 card when it is easily the weakest Tokyo Dome care in years. Whether I agree with the booking or not, Great Bash Heel won the WTL for the second straight year, which is a fine accomplishment.

3) Roman Reigns: Like The Miz, Roman Reigns successfully defended the second most important title on his brand this week. It wasn't exactly the main event, but it was a good match. Reigns defeated Chris Jericho thanks to some botched interference from Kevin Owens. It was yet another win for Reigns who is right back on track after his suspension earlier this year. It seemed like his punishment for the suspension was taking three clean pins at the hands of Seth Rollins (Money in the Bank), Dean Ambrose (Battleground) and Finn Balor (Raw). Since then, the Big Dog has been back to eating.

4) Eddie Edwards: Again, I'll admit over and over that I just really don't follow TNA anymore in this day and age. However, they continually have TNA Title matches on almost a weekly basis. Last week, champion Eddie Edwards may have had his best defense so far when he retained against former champion Ethan Carter III. I'm just going based off what I heard. Edwards was a surprise to become champion but has done rather well with the title during this recent run, even if nobody is watching. Speaking of watching, I'm gonna do my best to check out TNA this week because it's Total Nonstop Deletion and that sounds like a blast.

5) Rich Swann: Successfully retained the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against The Brian Kendrick on 205 Live.