Saturday, April 1, 2017

NXT TakeOver: Orlando Predictions

This is rather tough to call because it could really go either way. SAnitY could win to keep their momentum, but they've won most of their matches thus far and it could be time for the faces to overcome. I like the addition of Ruby Riot. She was very good on the indies and a feud with Nikki Cross could be great. I think the faces take it here but this feud will not end here, even if Tye Dillinger gets called up.

Winners: Tye Dillinger, No Way Jose, Roderick Strong and Ruby Riot

I like Aleister Black. I dug him as Tommy End and he was cool when I saw him at NXT Cleveland a few weeks back. However, Andrade Almas JUST started being awesome. He needed the heel turn and lifting some of his old Los Ingobernables antics has greatly helped. Unfortunately, he looks like he's going to take the old Tyler Breeze route of being used to put over new guys. Breeze did it for Itami, Balor and Crews. Almas has done it for Roode, Strong and now Black.

Winner: Aleister Black

This should be the best match on the card by quite some margin. The Revival are, hands down, the best tag team on the planet. DIY is probably second and the Authors of Pain have shown that with the right opponents, they can deliver. I'm not sure how the elimination stipulation will impact the match but regardless, it should rule. I don't think DIY get the titles back and I can only assume the Revival are getting called up soon. Or at least they should. A win for the Authors over the top two teams of the past six months in NXT would be big for them.

Winners: Authors of Pain

Considering Asuka debuted in October 2015 and is undefeated since, while also coming up on about a year as champion, you'd think this would be the opportune time to have her drop the title. Unfortunately, NXT hasn't developed anyone enough to even feel like they're in Asuka's league. Ember Moon is good, don't get me wrong, but I have no reason to care about her. She's just the girl with cool eyes. Personally, I'd have booked Niki Cross against Asuka here. If not, I'd have Asuka retain. I'm not booking though. I say Ember wins so she can get a huge moment under her belt but I don't think it'll be enough to make her stand out.

Winner: Ember Moon

The NXT Title picture just bores me. It has since the Owens/Balor rivalry in 2015. Balor/Joe, Joe/Nakamura and Nakamura/Roode have underwhelmed. Actually, Nakamura has underwhelmed since the Sami Zayn match. Still, I think the outcome here should be clear. Bobby Roode is a fun champion and Nakamura shouldn't be in NXT anymore. Have Roode retain and Nakamura debut the night after WrestleMania.

Winner: Bobby Roode