Thursday, September 14, 2017

Lucha Underground "Cien" Review

Sorry I haven't been covering Lucha Underground in recent weeks. School has been quite hectic, but I'm back for the 100th episode!

The show started in the back with the Worldwide Underground. Ricky Mandel got his name legally changed to Ricky Mundo, which Jonny obviously didn't like. He said there's only one Mundo in Worldwide Underground, which just caused Ricky to be excited that he's an official member.

Atomicos Match: Lucha Underground Champion Johnny Mundo, Marty Martinez, PJ Black and Taya w/ Jack Evans and Ricky Mandel vs. Cage, Fenix, Prince Puma and Sexy Star
Mundo made Ricky sit out due to the name change, replacing him with Marty "The Moth." With Ultima Lucha right around the corner, this was a good way to build some feuds heading into that. Fenix/Marty, Taya/Star (they're set for a Last Luchadora Standing Match at Ultima Lucha) and Puma/Mundo were focal points. Cage spent a good chunk of the match staring at his gauntlet. He finally removed it and kicked lots of ass. Jeremiah Crane showed up and stole the gauntlet, leading Cage to chase him to the back. Though shorthanded, Puma went on a roll for his guys, but the numbers became too much. Mundo pinned him with End of the World after a bunch of WU attacks in 5:36. This was a lot of fun, but ended rather quickly. With a few more minutes, I think this could've been one of the better matches this season. [***]

Post-match, Marty creeped on Melissa Santos. She lit him up with about seven slaps, but he wouldn't stop. Fenix laid him out with a LOUD superkick.

Backstage, Crane brought the gauntlet to Catrina. He wouldn't give it over unless she gave him a kiss. Mil Muertes cock blocked by taking him out with a spear. Catrina picked it up, but Cage arrived and grabbed her by the throat. She couldn't disappear and Cage said it was because the gauntlet was too powerful. She dropped it and vanished, leaving the three men to brawl. While they had one of LU's great movie like fight scenes, Dario Cueto snuck in to steal the gauntlet.

Gift of the Gods Aztec Medallion: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. Pentagon Dark
These two have broken each other's arms in the past. The crowd created a great atmosphere with "Ole Ole Ole Ole...Lu-cha Lu-cha" chants. It was really cool. They worked this at a very quick pace, with action from bell to bell. Azteca used a rana off the stage, while Pentagon brought more vicious offense like kicks and a double stomp. Azteca's satellite DDT was incredible. Pentagon crotched Azteca up top and brought him down with a Package Piledriver to win in 6:33. Great sprint. If a match with guys of this magnitude is going to go this short, then I want it packed with action, which is what we got. [***1/4]

After the match, Pentagon went to break Azteca's arm, but Matanza interrupted. He and Pentagon came face to face, which had the crowd buzzing. Dario showed Matanza the key around his neck, trying to stop him. Pentagon shoulder bumped Matanza as he left and the monster did nothing because of that key. Pentagon got in Dario's face before leaving. Matanza attacked Azteca until Rey Mysterio Jr. made the save. Dario pulled Matanza back.

Matanza Cueto w/ Dario Cueto vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.
After a commercial, Rey attacked and the match got going. It's vital to note that Matanza beat Rey during Aztec Warfare II to win the Lucha Underground Title and lost it when Rey pinned him back at Aztec Warfare III. It remains Matanza's only pinfall loss. Rey's hot start didn't last long and Matanza began dominating. Rey busted out Code Red, which finished off Matanza in the past, but wasn't enough here. A chair came into play and it was eventually used on Rey's knee. Shortly after, Rey got caught in the Wrath of the Gods to lose in 10:46. Though it lasted a while, this was one sided and helped re-establish Matanza as a big deal, since he hasn't done much in the back half of season three. Good main event that told a tried and true story. [**3/4]

After the match, Matanza added a chair assisted Wrath of the Gods and then, by order of Dario, wrapped Rey's head in a chair and sent him into the post several times. Matanza carried Rey to the back, most likely as a meal.

Overall: 7.5/10. For a 100th episode, they didn't quite put their best foot forward, but they certainly featured plenty of stars. There were three solid matches and several cool story moments (the backstage fight, Pentagon facing off with the Cuetos, Matanza destroying Rey). It was a good shell of season three, which has been good but not as great as the first two seasons.

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