Friday, September 26, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 9-25-14

NXT opens this week in a way that I never like. Mojo Rawley showed up for a TakeOver rematch with Bull Dempsey. Again, I'm not a big fan of either guy but this was once again short. Bull won in like, one minute. Tyler Breeze saves the show by coming out and Mojo slightly bumps him on the way out leading Tyler to take him out. Breeze was out for a match with Justin Gabriel, which was pretty good and Breeze won with the Beauty Shot.

In a battle of the two most adorable women in the WWE, Bayley went one on one with Alexa Bliss. This was a good Divas match as they got a solid amount of time to work. The crowd liked both girls but were firmly in the corner of Bayley. Bayley needs to be the next NXT Women's Champion and this is coming from a huge Sasha Banks fan. Bayley calls out Charlotte, who responds and gives Bayley a title shot next week. It irks me how Charlotte calls Bayley "kid". You're not a veteran, so shut your mouth.

We get another hilarious skit with Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and Carmella at the Performance Center. Carmella has a weird face but her body is pretty nice. We then go to a match between Enzo Amore and the now bald Marcus Louis. Louis pulls a Kurt Angle by wearing headgear with an awful wig to cover his baldness. This was a nothing match and Enzo won with, what has to be his finisher, the school boy. This was after the headgear fell off and we saw how bald he is. Enzo and Big Cass stole the show with their pre-match promo as always.

Our main event was a rematch from TakeOver for the NXT Tag Team Titles, pitting the new Champions, the Lucha Dragons against the Ascension. Similar to their match at TakeOver, this was good but not great. The Ascension still has a lot to prove to me though. Near the end, the Ascension looked to be near victory until Hideo Itami's theme hit. He shows up on the stage, distracting the former Champions, allowing Kalisto to hit his finisher and pin Viktor, retaining the belt. Overall, this episode of NXT gets a 6/10

Onto Superstars this week and it was a pretty good show actually. Our opening contest was Naomi against Alicia Fox and it was fun for what it was. Naomi wins a decent little opener that wasn't on the level of the Fox/Emma series. We get our mandatory recaps of stuff until the main event starts between Justin Gabriel and Kofi Kingston. After losing on both NXT and Superstars last Thursday, Gabriel pulls it off again, losing on both shows again this week. It was a really good match that was probably the match of the night spanning both shows. 6/10.