Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Main Event Report 10-14-14

Main Event opens with The Miz setting up for MizTV. He is particularly great in this role and this is my favorite incarnation of The Miz probably ever. He introduces his guest as Sheamus but it's Sheadow! Damien Sandow comes out with a red wig and white arm and leg sleeves. He speaks in an Irish accent and is great. Things get even better when the real Sheamus comes out to confront Miz. Sandow actually mimics Sheamus the way he does Miz and it was great. Sheamus couldn't even keep a straight face during the promo. In the end, Miz ran off as Sandow ate a Brogue Kick. It was a funny segment and the crowd, despite liking Sheamus, wasn't into the idea of Sandow getting knocked out. Fun opening segment that stole the show.

We move to one of my other favorite things currently going in the WWE and that's the work of Tyson Kidd and his new character. Last week he stole the show by leaving Natalya hanging on a high five and this week he debuted new attire. Not only do his kickpads say "FACT" but the front of his kickpads actually has the faces of his two cats. Seriously. It's amazing. He would unfortunately lose to R-Truth due to Natalya being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Decent little match that I would've enjoyed better had Tyson won.

The following two matches on Main Event were two that I wasn't very interested in. First, Cesaro and his ridiculously terrible theme music faced Justin Gabriel. Can you believe that this was a Pay-Per-View match a few years ago? Anyway, Cesaro wins since he's headed towards a Intercontinental Title shot soon and Gabriel is headed nowhere. Solid match though. The main event got a lot more time than I expected. Rusev, fresh off of being knocked out by Big Show stepped into the ring against Big E. These two had a good series of matches earlier in the year and this was no different. I enjoyed this more than I expected and Rusev obviously won via submission.

Overall, a solid episode of Main Event but nothing special. We got three matches but none were great and none were terrible. Not many storylines advanced except that they officially announced Sheamus/Miz and Rusev/Show for Hell in a Cell. 6/10 for tonight's episode.