Thursday, June 8, 2017

Lucha Underground "Sudden Death" Review

The show started with Prince Puma seemingly in a trance backstage. Rey Mysterio came up to him, worried about him taking advice from Vampiro. Rey said he's using him. Puma asked, "Like Konnan?" Puma left and said Rey wasn't his friend. Creepy Vampiro appeared behind Rey in the mirror and gave a warning.

Lucha Underground Championship Falls Count Anywhere: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. The Mack
This is the continuation of last week's All Night Long match. Dario Cueto came out and tipped the scales in Mack's favor, making this Falls Count Anywhere, which Mack competed in at two straight Ultima Luchas. That allowed Mack to get off to a hot start and get some revenge on Mundo by beating him around the Temple. Mundo got help from his biggest fan, Ricky Mandel, and nailed a dive from the stands. PJ Black got involved too, but was hit with a Stunner and he fell through a table. Mack came close a few times, but Taya showed up. Mundo scored with a sunset flip bomb onto chairs to retain at 9:45. Good way to follow up last week's effort. It was nearly as good despite being much shorter. [***1/4]

Dario Cueto came out and cut a passionate promo about how he's revolutionized Lucha Libre. From Dario's Dial of Doom to the Battle of the Bulls and everything in between. He then announced the Cueto Cup and said the person who wins it will get a title shot at Ultima Lucha Tres. It'll be a 32 man tournament. On the night the Cup winner is announced, Mundo will have to defend his Lucha Underground Title against Rey Mysterio! LONG LIVE THE CUETO CUP!

Lucha Underground Trios Championship: Aerostar, Drago and Fenix (c) vs. Kobra Moon, Pindar and Vibora
The challengers are embroiled in a feud with Drago when they kidnapped him. Kobra believes he belongs to her. The match was odd, as it saw the heels dominate. Vibora and Pindar are big dudes and they got to showcase that. Kobra directed traffic through all of this. Aeorstar looked to make the hot tag to Drago, but DRAGO MISTED HIM! He then walked over and joined Pindar and Viobra, asking for the tag. Kobra Moon was never in the match (there was no official announcement)! Drago tagged in and his new team hit a tandem move to win the titles at 5:32. Not great in terms of action, but good storytelling and a fun turn that should freshen up Drago, while freeing up Fenix to do more hopefully. [**1/2]

Backstage, Johnny Mundo exited the shower wanting to party. Ricky Mandel was there. Taya informed Johnny of his match with Rey. He didn't want to show concern in front of "the kid", so he sent Mandel away. He said he needs to train harder than ever and walked off in his towel. Taya asked if he was putting on pants, but he had no time for pants. Johnny Mundo is way more fun than John Morrison ever was.

Boyle Heights Street Fight: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina vs. Prince Puma
Their matches at Ultima Lucha (****1/4) and earlier this season (***3/4) were both great. This was a great, fitting continuation of their story. Puma started behind Muertes, jumping him for the upper hand. They fought around ringside and into Dario's office. There was a great camera shot of Dario picking up the bull that he used to kill Cortez Castro, and holding it up defensively against Mil in case of an attack. Puma used a wrench, trash can and coast to coast offense on Mil. He hit the 630, but Catrina jumped in and whacked him with the stone. Puma was given a brick by Vampiro, which he used on Mil to win at 11:38. This has the right amount of violence and added to the dark Puma angle. [***3/4]

Overall: 8/10. It's so good to have Lucha Underground back. This was a fun show that advanced several angles, while delivering entertaining stuff in the ring. It seems like season three is finally getting going, after the first half set a lot up using a slower pace. 

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