Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tuesday Night Network Report 8/5/14

Main Event opened with a strange segment. It was odd for multiple reasons. Alberto Del Rio came to the ring and that wasn't weird. But then he cut a Spanish. I get that being in Laredo, Texas means that there were a lot of Spanish people in the crowd but most fans at home probably didn't understand that. It was getting a positive reaction from the crowd though, which made it odd since he's a heel. He gets cut off by Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, who cut him down for carrying the Mexican flag and speaking Spanish. Um, wasn't Jack Swagger a face like 5 minutes ago? Del Rio plays up to the crowd, who are behind him, and challenges Del Rio to a match later tonight. Strange segment for sure.

I'll give you three guesses as to what the number one worldwide trend on Twitter was last night. #WWE? No. #MainEvent? Try again. #SummerSlam? You wish. The correct answer it #SlaterGator. That's right. Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil's oddball pairing was the number one trend and it's mostly because of how eager Heath is about everything. They would face the Dust Brothers who returned to the ring on Raw. We got treated to a fun little opener but I was honestly pretty surprised to see Heath pin Goldust with a rollup. Heath Slater is on fire! Less than 24 hours after scoring a win over Seth Rollins, SLATER GATOR gain even more momentum.

The promotion for Main Event was centered around the "return" of AJ Lee. The girl missed an episode of Raw and that's it. And she only fell about five feet off the Smackdown stage. But whatever, she returned and squared off with Summer Rae. These are two of my favorite Divas and this was an alright Divas match. AJ hurt her whiplashed neck in the match, but acted like her neck with fine after. Given more time, these two could probably do very good stuff. AJ gets interviewed about her SummerSlam match with Paige and told a fairy tale about it, which was pretty entertaining. Paige interrupts and they go back and forth. For a Divas match, this is getting quite the build and I have to commend that. AJ tells Paige that she can think it's her house all she wants, but it's her kingdom. Fun stuff.

Time for the main event of Main Event as Alberto Del Rio takes on Jack Swagger. For those with short term memory loss, this was actually a World Heavyweight Title match WrestleMania 29. Yes, somehow it was. Anyway, with both guys being accomplished in the ring, and Main Event being a place to find good wrestling, they were given over ten minutes. Again, as expected, it's a very good contest that Jack Swagger is able to win with the Patriot Lock on his way to the Flag Match against Rusev at SummerSlam. All in all, this wasn't the best episode of Main Event. While the wrestling was good, the first two matches were rather short and it featured too many recaps. Building a feud is not replaying the same recap on every single show multiple times. 6/10.

Usually, Tuesday nights on the WWE Network mean that WrestleMania Rewind and the Countdown follow Main Event for three hours of fun. However, for the second straight week, we get a rerun on Countdown. WrestleMania Rewind was a good one though as it featured Triple H vs. The Undertaker from WrestleMania XXVII. It's good stuff but my least favorite of their three Mania matches. I did like the documentary part and it's always a treat to see The Undertaker when he's out of character.

Another fun Tuesday night is in the books, so until next time, follow me on Twitter @the_kevstaaa