Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lucha Underground "Ready for War" Review

Tonight's episode look pretty cool. Believer's Backlash, a ten person tag and Grave Consequences. The episode started with Catrina telling Mil Muertes to do more than just beat Prince Puma. Mil is 0-2 in Grave Consequences and she says that if he loses again, she won't bring him back this time. NO PRESSURE!

Believer's Backlash: Mascarita Sagrada w/ Son of Havoc def. Famous B w/ Brenda in 8:19
Famous B was in a red suit. For those who missed the first match under these rules, the fans bring weapons that the competitors can use. This was a blast. Mascarita got football pads to tackle Famous B in the nuts, he used the tiniest of ladders to hit an elbow off of the announce table and Famous B put him in a trash can because why not? The match moved to the ring where Mascarita put on a wizard's hat and bowled a strike, again into Famous B's groin. Dr. Wagner got involved and tried to use a framed picture as a weapon but Famous B stopped him because the photo was of him. Son of Havoc made the save to even the odds. Mascarita used the framed picture on B before Brenda took a pie to the face. Mascarita won with a big tornado DDT in what was one of the most fun matches all year. It was exactly the kind of over the top that it needed to be. ***

Mascarita and SOH cut the head off of a Famous B cardboard cutout. Famous B hilariously sold it outside. SOH gave Mascarita a vest to show their brotherhood.

Backstage, Dante met up with Killshot. Dante is AR Fox, who plays Killshot's former war buddy. They are on the same team tonight. They embraced and Killshot said it was good to have his "brother" home.

Drago practiced his nunchuck skills in the bathroom mirror. Sure, that's normal. Kobra Moon came up to him to try and get him to fight for their tribe again. She mentioned that Daga was torn apart by a "Pindar". Drago was surprised this person was alive. Vinny showe dup, farting and said he'd use the ladies room. The Kobra/Drago/Pindar stuff is interesting. Vinny, not so much.

Winners Get Spots In Aztec Warfare: Ivelisse, Jeremiah, The Mack, Mariposa and Marty Martinez def. Argenis, Cage, Dante Fox, Killshot and Texano in
This was a Dario special where he puts people in rivalries on the same team. it was the Lucha Underground in-ring debuts for Jeremiah and Dante and they started the match off. Ivelisse and Jeremiah worked well together until Cage took her out with a clothesline. After that the match broke down and everyone did some crazy shit, highlighted by Dante's imploding 450 splash to the outside. Ivelisse got a super close near fall on a rana on Killshot. She seemed to hurt her ankle. Marty went after Killshot but Dante stopped him only to fisherman buster him, giving Marty the win. Ivelisse screamed "NOT AGAIN" while holding her ankle. This was fun but pretty short. **1/2

Dario gave his brother a pep talk in the back since Aztec Warfare is next week. Matanza spoke his first word, simply saying "war."

Grave Consequences: Mil Muertes w/ Catrina def. Prince Puma in 16:26
During Mil's entrance, Puma attacked him atop the stairs and then dove out onto him. The crowd ate all of that up. They brawled all around the Temple. The bottom rope was undone and both men got thrown onto caskets. Puma nailed an awesome springboard 630 onto Mil on a casket. Vampiro continued to make interesting comments about Puma and the dark side. Puma couldn't put Mil in the casket fully so he beat the lid with a chair while it was on Mil. They continued to go to war until Mil hit a chokeslam from the top and through a table outside. He then brought out the same coffin that he used to kill Konnan back in season one. CONTINUITY! A Flatliner on the outside allowed Mil to put Puma in the coffin and win. Matt Striker sold it like it was the end of Puma's career. This was an excellent match that was just shy of besting their Ultima Lucha match in season one. It was the second best Grave Consequences match so far and told a great story of Puma wanting revenge and having some great callbacks to their past. ****

Overall: 8/10. Though I didn't love the five on five tag the way I'd have liked to, this was a really strong episode for Lucha Underground and one of the stronger ones in season three thus far. The opener was so much fun and the main event was the epic battle that we've come to expect from Puma and Muertes.

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