Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Main Event Report 10-28-14

I know that as I write this there isn't much time left on Wednesday but I've spent the entire day moving to a new home so I wasn't able to watch Main Event or post about it. The show began with MizTV as Miz and Damien Mizdow brought out the team that defeated them on Raw, The Usos. What followed was fun as The Usos did the stunt double thing in the same vein as Miz and Mizdow. This hilarity leads toa  rmeatch from Raw and Miz continues to be bothered by Mizdow getting cheers from the fans. It goes about twelve minutes and the Usos pull twin magic once again to win. Solid opener and continued the story of Miz being jealous of Mizdow.

Time for video packages as we get one for Breast Cancer Awareness, we find out that Sheamus will face Bo Dallas tonight, John Cena's Raw promo is recapped as is Paige's attack on Alicia Fox. Speaking of Paige, she would be in action against Natalyawith Tyson Kidd on commentary. This was my match of the night. Paige and Natalya went at it for about seven minutes with Paige countering the Sharpshooter into a rollup for the win. Tyson was golden on commentary and this was one of, if not my favorite main roster Paige match. Great stuff.

The main event of Main Event pitted the United States Champion Sheamus against Bo Dallas in a non-title match as I stated earlier. Bo cut a short promo before the match and said that if he could split himself in two, he'd be on both Team Cena and Team Authority but since cloning hasn't been invented yet, he'll join the team that Bolieves. Serious question, why isn't Bo Dallas a more featured part of the show? The guy is awesome at his character, cuts fun promos and is one of the things I look forward to weekly. The match itself was just about five minutes and was competitive but Sheamus won as expected. 

In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Main Event. The opening segment was fun, the tag team match was solid, the Divas match was awesome and the Sheamus contest was also enjoyable. There was also a strange vignette involving only someone's eyes and I believe it involved Luke Harper. Not sure though. Anyway, 7.5/10 for this week's show.