Saturday, September 27, 2014

Smackdown Report 9-26-14

Smackdown opens with an extension of Main Event. The Miz, along with Damien Mizdow, would meet Dean Ambrose. Of course it was due to what occurred on Main Event. This was a good opener and got about ten minutes. Ambrose picked up the win with Dirty Deeds  as Kane and Seth Rollins walked to the ring. They try to attack but Kane gets laid out and then Ambrose hits the Nigel McGuinness Jawbreaker Lariat on Seth. Dean then takes the Money in the Bank briefcase and runs away through the crowd with it. He actually carried it on the live event last night in the Meadowlands.

Next up, Stardust cut a short promo saying that the Usos can't take the cosmic key back from them. We move into a Battle Royal to determine a new number one contender for Dolph Ziggler's Intercontinental Title. The participants include Jack Swagger, Cesaro, Bo Dallas, Sin Cara, SlaterGATOR, Mizdow, Justin Gabriel, Los Matadores, Zack Ryder, Fandango, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. In other words, every jobber in the company, plus some decent mid-carders. Cesaro wins in about ten minutes, so he moves from the United States Title to the Intercontinental Title. Meh.

The Usos received their rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles next, as they faced the Dust Brothers. Before the match, the Usos vowed to bring back the belts. Much like their match at Night of Champions, this was a good back and forth contest. Also, like the first two matches, this lasted just about ten minutes. The Usos busted out the LOD Doomsday Device and came close to a win until Goldust rushed in and broke up a pin with one of the Tag Titles, causing the disqualification. I'm guessing this feud continued into Hell in a Cell.

Divas tag action now as Natalya and Rosa, two of my least favorite Total Divas, take on the lovely SummerLay. After complaining about how short matches on Smackdown are, tonight has been different. Three ten minute matches and now this Divas tag gets about four. That's an improvement over Paige getting like three minutes last week. SummerLay win after Layla rolled up Rosa Mendes. Rosa has still yet to win a match in her career. Well, except for a disqualification.

After a recap of the Mark Henry promo from Main Event, Renee Young is standing by with the Big Show. Show promises to knockout Rusev for his friend and for America. It turns out that Cesaro gets his Intercontinental Title shot now as he squared off with Dolph Ziggler. As expected, this was good stuff, but it was kept relatively short. Dolph retained in about six minutes and Cesaro had the ropes but the official missed it. You know what that means right guys? THERE'S A REMATCH COMING!

Our main event is next as Big Show would face Rusev, who as always, was accompanied by the lovely Lana. This got just over nine minutes and ended via disqualification. I will admit that a Pay-Per-View match between these two wouldn't be terrible, but I won't be too interested in it. Show wins because Rusev uses the flag to attack him, but after the match, when things continue, Show fulfills his promise and knocks out Rusev. 

I appreciated the fact that we got some good, lengthy matches and some actual storyline development when Dean Ambrose stole Seth Rollins' Money in the Bank briefcase. Overall, this episode gets a solid 6.5/10.