Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Main Event Report 1/6/15

Main Event opened with the match that was advertised on Raw, and the one that I was looking forward to the most. Paige, accompanied to the ring by Natalya, took on the Divas Champion Nikki Bella, of course accompanied by Brie. This was a non-title affair, much like Nattie vs. Nikki on Raw. The fans were treated to a great divas match that was far better than I expected. I will never understand how three hour episodes of Raw consistently feature 2 minute diva matches, but the hour shows, Main Event and NXT, give them time. This match went about twelve minutes and featured some great psychology. Nikki worked the arm continuously and Paige sold it well, even post match. Nattie knocked out Brie at ringside and this distraction allowed Paige to connect with a superkick and the RamPaige to win. Champions seem to lose non-title matches all the time these days, but this was still big for Paige, who was floating for a while and doing nothing. Hopefully, she wins back the title. Great start to the show.

Rusev and Lana make their way out to the ring. There is no match or anything like that here. It's just Lana talking up Russia and then announcing that Rusev is entering the Royal Rumble. They also put down Ryback, who was fired on Raw. Time for a filler match at Fandango took on R-Truth. First of all, it was obvious who the winner was going to be. R-Truth is going nowhere fast, but, neither is Fandango really. I mean, it was clear he'd win since he is higher up in the card than Truth, but still. Nothing match that bored me.

Throughout the show, we've been getting exclusive promos (which, by the way aren't exclusive if you show them to us on TV), of Ryback, Erick Rowan and Dolph Ziggler after they were fired. Moving into our final contest, Titus O'Neil faced Jack Swagger. These are two of my favorite midcarders, and I love that both guys use a good power game. Titus cut a short promo before the match, spelling out his name and barking. It seems like his, non-Raw and Smackdown push is continuing. I expected Swagger to win until that promo. Titus did pick up another solid win, and I appreciate this. The match was solid and Titus is a good guy to have winning in the mid-card. He has improved vastly since his NXT Season 2 days. In the end, tonight's episode of Main Event featured a great Divas match, that will be Divas match of the year until the next NXT Special most likely. That is enough to give it a good score. The main event was solid, but the middle of the show dragged. 6.5/10.