Monday, March 23, 2015

Fave Five 3/16/15-3/22/15

1) Rockstar Spud: Yes, I know that there was someone who had a bigger win than him. However, after his star making performance last week against EC3, he capitalized on it this week. A while back, he won an X Division Title shot in the Feast or Fired match and cashed it in Money in the Bank style on Impact. Everything about it was brilliantly done. From the fact that it came after his performance last week, to it being in his home country, to the shock factor it was masterfully done and an absolute feel good moment. TNA has been on a bit of a roll lately, putting out some surprisingly good wrestling and Spud is one of the main reasons why.

2) Kurt Angle: Here's the guy who had the bigger win than Rockstar Spud this week. Kurt Angle captured the TNA World Heavyweight Title from Bobby Lashley in a great first time ever match. It had a special big match feel to it and headlined another strong Impact episode. Kurt showed that he can go with the best of them, though I'm not a fan of the decision. I think that TNA needs to move away from putting the belt on Angle, like they've done so often. I'd rather see Bobby Roode, Austin Aries or Ethan Carter III with the gold. Still though, this was an impressive feat that is deserving of making my list this week.

3) Fenix: Lucha Underground is absolutely something you need to be watching. Not only did they improve the concept of the Royal Rumble with Aztec Warfare, but this week they put on the best Casket match I've ever seen. Fenix is one of my favorite guys there, behind Prince Puma and Alberto El Patron. He defeated Mil Mascaras in the "Grave Consequences" match. It was the best match on a week full of damn good ones. He bled buckets, had his mask ripped and stole the show. It was probably the best match I've ever seen in Lucha Underground, which is saying something since they've been on fire. If you haven't seen this or Lucha Underground yet, you need to do so now.

4) The Wolves: The strong episode of TNA Impact this week opened with one of my favorite things in TNA history. Ultimate X! The Wolves defended their newly won titles against the BroMans and two members of the Revolution. Not only were the fans treated to a fun and exciting opener, but the Wolves were able to retain, securing a big win. I feel that this, unlike putting the belt on Kurt Angle, is another strong move for the company. The Wolves are the kind of team they should build their tag division around. They're young, not from the WWE and, most importantly, they are damn good at what they do. Hell, they've even gone on last on Impact shows before, so I hope they get even more shine.

5) Taryn Terrell: Capping off a great week for TNA wrestlers on this list, is Taryn Terrell. The Knockouts Champion successfully retained her title against two of the greatest Knockouts ever in Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of her on the offensive but still. One of the things that I appreciate about TNA is that they have their titles defended very often. This gives a lot of their champions a great chance to make and top this list. TNA delivered in spades the last few weeks and deserve more recognition than they are getting due to their very shaky past. While I feel that Kong is eventually going to take the belt from Taryn, this was a wisely booked match. It kept the Kong/Kim feud going and gave Taryn a chance to retain without pinning Kong.