Friday, October 17, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 10-16-14

Opening NXT this week was Baron Corbin. I wasn't a big fan of this opening the show. On the one hand, he seems to be growing in popularity, but on the other hand, a ten second match isn't the most exciting opener. He once again wins an incredibly quick match with his impressive finisher. I like Baron but I need more. Besides competitive matches, I want more background on him. Why is he a lone wolf? What exactly makes him a different breed, you know?

Things turn happier as Sami Zayn comes out to cut a promo but he is interrupted by Tyson Kidd. These are two of my favorite guys on the roster. Tyson has been delightful in his new heel role. He shows up in a Sami Zayn shirt, which is fantastic. They trade insults about how Sami can't win the big one and how Tyson is a Total Diva. Fun stuff that would lead to the booking of tonight's main event. The NXT Tag Team Champions stepped up next to face Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy. I'd like to see more of Murphy and Blake as they look like they have potential, but of course, this was a solid win for the Champions.

The NXT Divas would once again be one of the best things of the night as the awesome Becky Lynch would face the NXT Women's Champion, Charlotte. I feel like I've seen this three or four times already. Becky continues to impress me while Charlotte continue to feel a tad overrated in my mind. After a competitive contest, Charlotte would win and continue her momentum. Later on in the show, Becky had an altercation in the back with Sasha Banks and it feels like they might be heading towards a Becky Lynch heel turn. I'm okay with this.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass, otherwise known as the most entertaining tag team in NXT, was set to face the Legionnaires. However, Marcus Louis had his wig and headgear removed by Sylvester Lefort by accident. This would lead to him freaking out and turning on Lefort. He attacked him, splitting the Legionnaires, which I wasn't too keen on. Enzo called out "blue pants" which turned out to be indy star Leva Bates. Side note, I'm a Leva Bates fan from her SHIMMER work. He introduces Carmella as "BADA BING, HOTTEST CHICK IN THE RING". She wins a short match but did impress with her submission finisher. Also, her theme music is a ripoff of "Fancy", which is not good.

Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd faced off in the main event, and I have to point out that Tyson is still wearing the InZayn shirt. As one would expect from these two, this was an awesome main event. Easily the best main event of any match this week. Both guys got the chance to shine and had plenty of near falls. Sami impressed with the Blue Thunder Bomb, which got to be called that for the first time in a long time, which I loved. However, he won with the Helluva (I think I spelled that right) Kick. I love that he's using it as a finisher now.

Overall, another solid episode of NXT. It felt like they tried to cram a lot into 53 minutes but I enjoyed it. The main event was excellent and the Divas match was good. Everything else was solid. 7.5/10. Also, next week, Titus O'Neil gets a shot at the NXT Title and Bayley faces Sasha Banks. Should be a lot of fun. On Superstars, Bo Dallas beat Zack Ryder and Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston. Cesaro/Kingston was solid but it seems like he and Bo have fallen in the past few months. 5/10.