Sunday, March 29, 2015

WrestleMania 31 Pedictions

This is a bit of a tough choice but not because there are so many options. The New Day and Los Matadores aren't walking away with the belts here. There is no chance of that. That leaves it between the current champions and the Usos. While I fully expected the Usos to win back their belts here, Jey's injured shoulder makes me change my mind. I see the champions retaining, but not holding the belts for much longer despite being entertaining.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

Well there are about two or three intriguing things going on here. You have the Miz/Damien Mizdow rivalry, AxelMania and the potential Sheamus return. Coming off the Royal Rumble match, my pick for this was Ryback. He was relatively hot and is still pretty over, plus he was the biggest name in this thing. However, with Sheamus' return being held off, I sense he comes back here and steals it. Hideo Itami qualified to be the NXT star in this. I see Mizdow eliminating Miz before it comes down to Itami and Sheamus. After a tough fight, Sheamus prevails.

Winner: Sheamus

This match has suffered from pitiful booking. Since he was taken out by the Authority last November, I've expected Randy Orton/Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. His quest for revenge was the EASIEST thing to book heading into the show. Instead, they've wasted time with a fake heel turn for Orton and made me dislike this. I have a feeling that Seth will be cashing in the next night on Raw, but even with that, I don't think he wins. Randy Orton will get his ultimate revenge, especially since he hasn't won at the Show of Shows since 2011.

Winner: Randy Orton

It's the match that everyone thinks can steal the show. I feel that it could too, but the build has been lackluster. It's like the winner of this gets the king of the jobbers crown because the champion seems to endlessly lose. Also, what the hell is R-Truth doing in this? And where has my Stardust/Goldust feud gone? Regardless, I want to see everyone bring things to the table. Barrett and Harper hitting hard, Stardust and Ambrose bring the weirdness, Dolph and Bryan bring their incredible ability and Truth being Truth. The guy who absolutely needs to win this match is Dean Ambrose since he's been fumbled so hard after being the hottest thing in the company in the Summer. That being said, he won't win. Daniel Bryan will.

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Daniel Bryan

So fantasy booking would have me do this. If Roman Reigns has to win the main event, I'd have Rusev win here before going on to face Reigns for the title at SummerSlam. Instead, we all know what is going to happen. John Cena goes over because 'MURICA. Vince McMahon sure loves his anti-American gimmicks, and they all play out with America standing tall. Especially when it's John Cena. Where Rusev goes from here is unfortunate since I don't have confidence that creative will book him well.

Winner and New United States Champion: John Cena

With the news that  we are going to get some musical performances on the show, I fear for the time the girls will get. I want them to get a chance to do some good work, because these are four of the most capable girls on the roster. They've been given good time since the #GiveTheDivasAChance trend, and the crowd has positively responded. I think this has potential, but with the Bellas (namely Nikki) coming out on top of every PPV since Survivor Series, it's time for them to get their comeuppance.

Winners: AJ Lee and Paige

This is the absolute definition of a lose/lose situation. If Bray Wyatt loses, everything they've built back up after his unfortunate feud with John Cena is wasted. On the flip side, if the Undertaker loses, the guy who won 21 straight times, all of a sudden can't buy a win. They did this with the Bray/Ambrose feud because neither guy could afford a loss there and they absolutely killed Ambrose. He will be sacrificed for nothing since Bray is going to lose here. He raises the Undertaker from the dead after losing to Brock, only so we can get Sting/Taker next year.

Winner: The Undertaker

Probably the easiest match to pick right here. This should be an absolute spectacle. Sting's first ever WWE match against a guy who, while he never was THE guy, bleeds WWE more than most. The outcome is not in doubt, but I'm pretty pumped for this. Every single time Sting is on WWE TV, part of me is still in shock because it's so surreal. I'm very intrigued to see if Sting can still go after his unfortunate run near the end of his TNA days.

Winner: Sting

Before Brock Lesnar's ESPN announcement, I had little to no interest in this match. That's sad for a Mania main event. I have hope. Not on the actual outcome though. If Brock was leaving, it was possible he would mail it in like WrestleMania XX. Instead, he is committed to the WWE, which should help the match. I still don't think it will be great, but it should be at least interesting. Either way, I fully expect WWE to stubbornly pull the trigger on Roman Reigns. And if Seth Rollins is going to try and cash in tonight, Reigns will beat him too.

Winner and New WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Roman Reigns