Friday, August 15, 2014

NXT & Superstars Report 8-14-14

So, according to Tyler Breeze, tonight the era of the gorgeous one begins. Before we get to Tyler Breeze and his NXT Title shot, the number one contender's Tag Team Tournament must continue. Bull Dempsey and Mojo Rawley, also known as two guys I don't care much for opened things against the always tremendous Vaudevillains. Simon Gotch can supposedly bench 1000 pounds and I totally believe it. He is unbelievably entertaining. They win and advance when Aiden English pins Mojo following their finisher. Good stuff. In a move that everyone saw coming, Bull attacks Mojo after the match. Ugh, they're probably going to have a match at TakeOver. There were hilarious "Thank You Bull" chants for this.

Bayley takes on Sasha Banks to become the number one contender for the NXT Women's Championship. Both of these girls would be a step up from Charlotte. These are my two favorite Divas on the NXT roster. Because they are both awesome, the match was really good and featured a lot of near falls. Right about here, my internet connection got all screwy and caused me to miss part of the match which upset me like you wouldn't believe. It comes back on just as Bayley gets the win. I'm okay with this and Bayley needs to win the belt at TakeOver. According to the replay, Sasha had her finisher locked in but Bayley picked up a pin anyway. Kept Sasha strong.

Time for the Luchadors! Kalisto and Sin Cara would compete in the Tag Team Tournament against Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake. I've heard good things about Blake but not much about Murphy. HuniCara isn't the best high flyer, so the fact that Kalisto can do the big flying moves while Cara does lesser things makes this work. Kalisto gets the win for his team as they move on. The Legionaries are interviewed backstage and they are upset about not being in the Tag Team Tournament. I'm not big on them, but they have a good point. I prefer them in the tournament to Bull & Mojo or Zayn & Rose.

Tyler Breeze and his amazing theme music hits as he comes out for the main event. The Champion comes out firing because he's tired of Breeze and his nonsense over the past few weeks. Before the first commercial break, Tyson Kidd came out to the commentary table. FACT. He gets called "Nattie's wife" by the fans. FACT. He doesn't talk on commentary and just scouts the match. FACT. I'm done with that now. Breeze rolled away from the Red Arrow and hit a gorgeous (pun intended) tornado DDT for two. We got a lot of counters and close calls in an awesome main event. Neville hits a suicide dive and Kidd gets very close to the action. For some reason, Neville kicks him in the mouth. He goes for the Red Arrow but Kidd takes him down and causes the disqualification. All three guys rumble until Sami Zayn comes out and takes out both Breeze and Kidd. A great episode of NXT tonight. 8.5/10.

If I have to watch Superstars to get my Emma fix weekly, then so be it. Emma could be such a bigger part of the Divas division if they promoted/built her dance better. It would get more over with the fans, especially the kids. She met Alicia Fox in a very good Divas match. They went back and forth and got a decent amount of time. Fox seemed to be doing a bit of her crazy character even though that was scrapped a while ago. I mean, I guess nobody really watches Superstars right? Emma would win via submission. The main event of Superstars featured another in the endless battle between Adam Rose and Fandango. Rose has replaced Santino as Fandango's lifelong rival. As always between them, this was nothing to write home about Rose wins but the lack of Summer Rae and Layla hurt this. 4/10, because the opening Divas match was at least solid.

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