Friday, October 10, 2014

NXT and Superstars Report 10-9-14

We open with the best theme music on NXT and that belongs to Tyler Breeze. I mean, it won an MTV Euro Award even. He would face everyone's least favorite member of the NXT roster, Mojo Rawley. It's as if the WWE has given up completely on trying to push Mojo because nobody likes him and he just continues to get beaten every week. Tyler busted out a fujiwara armbar and the referee called the match to give Prince Pretty the win. I can't be upset with that opening.

Next, we get a recap of the feud between The Ascension and Hideo Itami, which started back at TakeOver: Fatal Four Way. Last week, we were supposed to get Itami vs. Viktor but the Ascension jumped him instead. Tonight we got the actual match and I was no impressed. Don't get me wrong, I've seen Itami live before he signed with the WWE and the man is outstanding. Something didn't feel right though and he looked sloppy as hell. Konnor appeared on the top of the stage with a beaten down Funaki, who is Itami's friend. Itami still beats Viktor, with a lame dropkick but gets taken out by Konnor. They tie up Itami in the ropes and continue to pulverize Funaki while Itami was helpless. It wasn't a bad segment, however the crowd was dead for it.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass continue their handheld videos from the Performance Center. This time, they get William Regal to look at Carmella, who does some impressive ring work. He agrees to give her a tryout match. She celebrates by jumping into Cass' arms as he responds with a "how ya doin", while Enzo gets pushed. They would then face the Vaudevillians in tag team action. This was a decent match, nothing special, as the Vaudevillians picked up the win to continue their momentum towards a future Tag Team Title match.

Time for the NXT Divas, which is consistently among my favorite time of the week. Two of my favorites went at it as Sasha Banks took on Becky Lynch. My favorite NXT Divas consist of Sasha, Bayley and Becky in that order. Both girls looked great, as specimens and as competitors. Sasha won by hitting the Bank Statement, which is my favorite Divas finisher, even though she didn't hit it flush. Becky tapped out and I can see Sasha or Bayley as the next Women's Champion.

The main event of the evening featured Sami Zayn going one on one with Titus O'Neil. Titus has been upset since the NXT guys took up time on Raw, so he's been getting involved in the NXT Title picture. After Sami took him out last week, this match was set up and it wasn't bad. I was a bit bored during it but it might have just been because I was tired. I do know that Titus surprised the hell out of me by beating Sami Zayn cleanly. Not sure who much I like it, but Sami is the kind of guy who can lose and not lose momentum. Titus goes to continue the attack after the match but Adrian Neville makes the save.

Overall, a good episode of NXT. Despite the main event not being my favorite and the Hideo Itami match being a huge disappointment, the show was fun and earns a 7/10 while continuing to outclass anything that the main roster does. On Superstars, Zack Ryder met Heath Slater, because Ryder is always booked in New York. This was solid and Zack picked up the win. After a bunch of recaps, Naomi beats Cameron to continue the epic saga of the Funkadactyl breakup. Superstars wasn't bad, earning a 5/10.