Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Fave Five 9/26/16-10/2/16

1) AJ Styles: I really should have gone to Smackdown last week. I had a chance but decided against getting tickets and it ended up being a very good show. The main event saw AJ Styles continue his string of good to great matches. He retained the WWE Championship against Dean Ambrose in a match that wasn't as good as their Backlash encounter, but was still very strong. It was the first successful title defense for Styles, who added another notch into his "wrestler of the year" belt.

2) Bobby Lashley: So, for at least the rest of the year it seems, TNA remains a living, breathing company. Everything beyond that remains a big question mark. Their current champion, Lashley, had a great week. First, on Impact, his team defeated Team EC3 to win Lethal Lockdown. He chose a No Holds Barred stipulation for his upcoming title defense. That defense took place at Bound for Glory, where Lashley retained the TNA Heavyweight Title over Ethan Carter III with a diving spear. TNA isn't doing many things right, but Lashley has actually been pretty money lately.

3) The Broken Hardys: The Final Deletion was one of my favorite things in all of wrestling this year. The Broken Hardys vs. The Decay then proved to be my favorite match in TNA in 2016. The two teams met in THE GREAT WAR at Bound for Glory and it was easily the highlight of the show. The match delivered in exactly the way that it needed to, fitting right in with the stuff the Hardys have done in 2016 so far. They won and captured the TNA Tag Team Titles. As of right now, it is the only match in TNA that I've seen in 2016 to get at least four stars from me and you'll most likely see it on my big year end list of top matches of 2016.

4) The Young Bucks: If you know me, you know that the Young Bucks are my least favorites in wrestling. There is literally no act in the business that I dislike more than Matt and Nick Jackson. However, this list is about who had success in the week and the Bucks once again found some. They main evented ROH's All-Star Extravaganza Pay-Per-View with the Addiction and the Motor City Machine Guns in ROH's "Ladder War VI." Dave Meltzer of course compared it to the original WWE TLC matches, which I disagree with. Anyway, the Addiction were the best performers of the match, but it was the Bucks who captured ROH Tag Team Titles and ended the show on top of the tag division.

5) DJZ: Successfully defended his X Division Title twice, including against Trevor Lee at Bound for Glory.