Monday, June 29, 2015

Fave Five 6/22/15-6/28/15

1) Mil Muertes: Wow, it's been a slow week for pro wrestling hasn't it? There wasn't anything that especially stood out, so I went with someone who captured a big win. Mil Muertes is one of my favorite performers in Lucha Underground. His partnership with Catrina is great and his Grave Consequences match against Fenix is my favorite LU match in history. This week, he defeated another favorite of mine, Drago, to become the number one contender to the Lucha Underground Championship. That in itself is big, but the fact that he gets his shot at LU's biggest show, ULTIMA LUCHA, makes him more than deserving of the top spot this week.

             2) The Young Bucks: I've been vocal about how I'm not a big fan of the Young Bucks. Despite my personal feelings towards the team, they are certainly successful. The current reigning IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions added more gold to their collection this week. At PWG's Mystery Vortex III, Matt and Nick Jackson won the PWG Tag Team Championships for the fourth time. That is a record for the company. They bested Andrew Everett and Trevor Lee to accomplish the feat. Couple that with their victory, alongside AJ Styles, in the main event of ROH on Destination America this week and you've got a recipe for a spot on the list.

3) Tigre Uno: TNA seems to be in pretty big trouble these days. I mean, did you see the card for Slammiversary? Still, one guy stood out in the company this week and that was Tigre Uno. He first won the new look X-Division Championship on Impact against former champion Low Ki and Grado. Then, at that weak Slammiversary show, he successfully retained the green and gold belt in another three way match. This one was against DJ Z and Manik. I'm honestly not entirely sure how much time TNA has left as a viable wrestling promotion, but Tigre Uno is doing his best to make the most of the potential final days of the company. He's an enjoyable act and one of the few bright spots left in TNA at this time.

4) Jeff Jarrett: Similar to the Young Bucks on this list, Jeff Jarrett isn't someone I really like. However, his name may have been in more headlines than anyone else this past week. First, he appeared on Impact for the first time in a few years. It turns out there is a working agreement between TNA and Jarrett's GFW. At Slammiversary, TNA brought back a match that Jarrett kind of made famous, the King of the Mountain match. It was for a new King of the Mountain Title. Why you debut a new belt but can barely keep your company running is beyond me but still. Jarrett would go on to win yet another King of the Mountain match and the title. It may not be prestigious or mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it's worthy of making my five in a slow week.

5) Aerostar: Unfortunately, Aerostar is someone that I haven't been able to see very often. It was a pretty good week for him though as he racked up an impressive win on Lucha Underground this week. He defeated Cage, The Mack and Marty "The Moth" Martinez to win the third of the seven Aztec Medallions. I'll be 100% honest, I missed some Lucha Underground, so I'm not entirely sure what the Medallions actually are, but it seems to mean something of value, making it at least a pretty big victory.