Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Main Event Report 12-2-14

Main Event kicked off with the hometown boy, Jack Swagger. A recap is shown of Rusev's attack on Zeb Colter last night and I don't know how I feel about this feud. We've seen it already. Like three months ago. We all know that Swagger isn't going to end Rusev's undefeated streak, though he does hold a DQ win over the United States Champion. Swagger's opponent was Titus O'Neil. Titus is a guy that I think could be a more valuable asset to the company than he is currently. I didn't like him on NXT Season 2, but he has improved greatly and could be a good guy to have in the mid card or as the muscle of a legit heel tag team. As for the match itself, it was pretty good but relatively short. Swagger wins the Ankle Lock and gains momentum before his eventual United States Title match. He gets interviewed by Renee Young after the match and has the most RIDICULOUS hair.
This Saturday vote for the Slammys on the WWE APP MAGGLE! Interspecies tag team action next as Adam Rose and the Bunny takes on The Dust Brothers. As a grown man, I'm not a fan of the Bunny stuff, but I understand that the kiddies enjoy it. Commentary was actually not bad as they put over both teams and even the New Day. This goes about five minutes and the former WWE Tag Team Champions prevail. After the match, Goldust stomps on the Bunny which makes Stardust laugh. Not terrible, but I prefer the Dust Brothers as faces. Their heel stuff has just been alright. Fandango then defeats R-Truth. I'm not going into detail about this because this "new" Fandango is just as shitty as the original and Rosa Mendes is the worst thing ever.
It is announced that Erick Rowan will face the Big Show at TLC in a Steel Stairs match. What the fuck is that? Are only stairs legal? Is it just a normal No DQ match? Why doesn't it fit the TLC theme? Whatever. The Miz comes out to apologize for the fact that Jimmy Uso took his genuine gesture towards Naomi the wrong way. Jimmy Uso, who is very emotional, attacked relatively quickly. This would be the longest match of the night at nine or so minutes. I'd like to make a few notes. One, Jimmy Uso got to play a more serious and angry side and he did that well. Two, the Miz has been perfect in this new Hollywood character. Three, Damien Mizdow is even better in his role than Miz is! He was the MVP of this as the cameraman was able to catch his stuff and make sure it was a focal point. Damn good close to the show and Jimmy Uso picked up the win in honor of his wife.
A pretty good episode of Main Event. The opener was solid, the tag match was decent, Fandango sucked as always and Jimmy/Miz was fun. Not the greatest hour of wrestling ever, but still an enjoyable one. Main Event has dipped from the B show that it was around the Spring and Summer, but it's still good TV. 6/10.