Friday, May 29, 2015

Smackdown 5/29/15 Review

Smackdown this week had some interesting news coming out of the spoilers this week.
Before we get to any of that though, Dean Ambrose opened the show with a promo. He talked about getting arrested on Raw and coming back because of what Seth Rollins did and his fans on the police force. He just says that he'll beat Seth's ass during their Raw tag team rematch. Stop me if you've seen that match a million times. Really basic stuff here. Our opening contest was a lumberjack match. Four of the teams in the Tag Team Title Elimination Chamber were outside as Tyson Kidd and Cesaro took on the Lucha Dragons. This was awesome and would be the best match of the night. Both teams are absolutely fantastic and it showed here. A distraction from Xavier Woods allowed the Dragons to win. Honestly, I would have main evented the show with this. Make the Tag Titles seem important rather than Reigns and Ambrose vs. Kane and Seth for 561st time.

Next up, King Barrett took on R-Truth. Guess what happened here? Barrett beat Truth. Just like how Truth lost in under a minute on Raw. Why the fuck is Truth in this Elimination Chamber match? From a kayfabe standpoint, what has he won to earn this? This spot should have gone to Neville or hell, even Randy Orton as he works back to the World Title. In another Chamber preview, Ryback took on Rusev. They started pretty well but then Rusev got injured, which was the interesting note out of the spoilers. That really hampered what they were doing and there are talks that he may have to miss the PPV. At least if they add someone new to the card, it will be relatively fresh, rather than the other guys who have all faced off already.

After losing to Tamina on Raw this past Monday, Paige faces Tamina's leader, Naomi. Naomi attempted to work the arm early. Has she been watching Nikki Bella? As in, a Diva that works the arm, but has no finisher that impacts that body part. Paige no sells it during her comeback and wins. This was too short for serious body part work and now both challengers for Nikki Bella's Divas Title on Sunday have lost this week. How does anyone consider this good booking? Why should I believe either girl will win when Naomi can't beat Paige and Paige couldn't even beat Tamina? It's lazy booking like this, along with lack of character development that makes this Divas division a chore to watch sometimes. I'm not asking for it to be on the levels of the NXT Divas, but can we please just pay some attention to it?

Michael Cole interviewed Kevin Owens in the ring. Owens was absolutely on point here. He talked about wrestling for 15 years and what he will do to John Cena. He talked of Cena's accomplishments but shit on his dumb shirts. Owens said that if he did what he did to Sami Zayn, who was his best friend, imagine what he'll do to Cena. Again, Owens was phenomenal here. In our main event, that nobody cared about, we get a DQ finish. New Day oddly gets involved but it all just leads to a big brawl. Seth Rollins lays out Dean Ambrose with the Pedigree to stand tall. Overall, not he best episode of Smackdown. Outside of the Kevin Owens promo and the opening tag match, this wasn't good at all. However, those were both really good segments so the show gets a middle of the pack score. 5/10.