Sunday, October 8, 2017

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

Why isn't Rusev in Jinder Mahal's spot right now? Not a single person has been able to give me a legitimate answer to that outside of the population in India. Rusev is easily the most entertaining character on Smackdown, other than Kevin Owens. He should run through the ever dull Randy Orton and avenge the ridiculous loss at SummerSlam. However, that's not what seems to happen at these shows. Orton will win and put in little effort, while Rusev will lose and continue to be a blast on TV. Sigh.

Winner: Randy Orton

Man, this recent Dolph Ziggler angle has been absolutely painful. When I do go back and catch Smackdown, it's cringeworthy and became something to fast forward. Nothing about Dolph is even remotely interesting anymore. Bobby Roode hasn't done much for me in WWE either, so I just can't get interested in this feud. Bobby will win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

I honestly don't get why the WWE keeps going back to this match. It worked at the first TakeOver (though the NXT women bested it several times over) and was strong at the first Roadblock event. Every other match I can recall (other than a random good one on Raw last year) has been dreadful. Their PPV matches last year sucked. It's two girls who are solid in the ring, but lack personalities. I guess I'll go with Charlotte winning, because Natalya is bland and it could set up Carmella's cash in. Save_Us_Carmella.

Winner Lady Big Dog

Another questionable move on Smackdown since Road Dogg took over was the setup of AJ Styles doing an open challenge and not following through. It should produce great matches on a weekly basis, but we barely get anything out of it. What a waste. AJ Styles is the best wrestler in the world and he hasn't done much of note lately, while we've had to watch Orton bore us to death, Ziggler do a lot of nothing and a Jinder Mahal WWE Title run. Whatever. Baron Corbin has been solid in 2017, but I'm gonna say AJ retains.

Winner: AJ Styles

Their SummerSlam match was alright, but had another shit finish. I get heels should cheat, but it's almost the same thing every time in Jinder matches. To be fair, Shinsuke Nakamura hasn't impressed me much on the main roster either (or for most of his NXT run to be honest), so I'm not thrilled at the idea of him as champion. That being said, it's the better option. However, I've just got this feeling that this reign of boredom will never end.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Ah, the real main events of the show. New Day/Usos has been a highlight of WWE TV this year. I've seen people bash WWE, while praising NJPW all year, but the WWE tag division absolutely obliterates NJPW's. Between this feud and the Bar/Shield stuff, they've been on fire. I expect to be the best thing on the show, as these men will go all out inside the cell. I'm gonna say New Day wins because this ends the feud. I'm not sure what the teams do next.

Winners: The New Day
This is gonna be fun. Shane McMahon's last foray into the cell wasn't very good, but he rebounded nicely with a great match against AJ Styles. Kevin Owens will move better than the Undertaker in the cell and the build for this has been great. They're teasing something big. These are two guys who tend to deliver for the most part and I think it'll be wild. I'd have Owens win here, Nakamura beat Jinder and Owens beat Nakamura before carrying the title into Mania. On the other hand, I could see this leading to HHH/Owens at Mania. Either way, Owens should win here.

Winner: Kevin Owens

2017 Prediction Record: 57-33
2016 Prediction Record: 72-41
2015 Prediction Record: 60-35