Sunday, July 9, 2017

WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions

I've stated my issues with the cruiserweight division several times, but they've finally become arguably the most interesting thing on a show. I was excited for Neville/Aries, but there were more interesting matches at Mania. Here, Tozawa/Neville is easily the highlight if the main event goes a certain way. They've never met before, so it's fresh. Neville as the "King of the Cruiserweights" has been one of the best things going in all of WWE, for quite some time. Tozawa has momentum and the Titus Brand stuff is a great addition. At first, I thought maybe Titus inadvertently costs Tozawa, but I think they do the change here. Tozawa wins and we get a pre-show rematch at SummerSlam. This should be match of the night.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

I still say this split was a bad idea. Enzo Amore hit the nail on the head on Raw when he said that Cass' merchandise checks without him will have ZERO DIMES. Cass without Enzo is bland and Enzo without Cass is unthreatening. I could see Enzo winning with a flash rollup or something, but I don't think they did the big heel turn for Cass to lose his first time out. Expect Cass to dominate and win, with Enzo drawing more sympathy.

Winner: Big Cass

Holy shit. It's hard to fathom how little I care about this match. When it was the Shield vs. The Wyatt Family in 2014, I absolutely did. Now, in 2017, it's the pits. Seth has been a lackluster babyface and Bray just cuts the same rambling promo each month, regardless of his opponent. Both guys are in funks and this feud isn't helping. It feels like they're killing time until Seth gets his shot at Brock. I'll go with a cheap Bray win here, before Seth wins the rematch at SummerSlam and eventually, the feud. Why? Because that's the Bray Wyatt way. 

Winner: Bray Wyatt

For the first time in a while, it's hard to predict a Roman Reigns match. I always go with the BIG DOG eating, yet I was wrong at Payback. Part of me can't see Braun Strowman beating Roman Reigns again, but I also don't think they do Reigns/Lesnar at SummeSlam. I think they're saving that for Mania. So I say Braun wins, without having to pin Reigns. Braun then gets served on a plate to Brock at SummerSlam, before Reigns eventually comes back and beats him in their next match.

Winner: BRAUN

Their series has been good, but not quite good enough that I want to see a thirty minute match between them. Still, it should be one of the better matches on the card. I was close to picking a babyface win here, because I have so many heels winning but I just can't see the Hardys winning back the titles. They had their nostalgia run. I get the feeling they lose here and it either causes Matt to go Broken or it starts him on that path.

Winners: Sheamus and Cesaro

On Smackdown, this feud was a nice bit of fun. On Raw, it has fizzled out and doesn't interest anymore, despite my love for Miz. The awful Lavar Ball segment did nothing to change my interest. At this point, it's hard to care. I honestly think the best option would be for Miz to feud with Finn Balor over the title. I'd have Finn dethrone him and a Finn IC Title reign main eventing shows with Brock out could do wonders for the title. Of course, that won't happen. Miz retains here, because why not?

Winner: The Miz

This should be clear. After coming in with a lot of hoopla, Sasha Banks (along with Charlotte and Bayley) hasn't done a ton. Sure she's racked up accolades (Women's Titles, main events, etc.) but the performances on the mic and in the ring haven't been near the level of her NXT work. Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss came in with little hype and (like Carmella) has done what the Four Horsewomen (excluding Becky) haven't. She delivers character and promo work in spades. Remember the Superstar Shakeup? Bayley and Sasha were in the ring together, but it was Alexa who got the biggest pop. Imagine thinking that would happen in 2015. Alexa should absolutely win here. She's the top heel, Sasha remains a shitty babyface (and I say this as a big Sasha fan) and the title switches too often. That being said, I predict Sasha taking the title here because, WWE.

Winner: Sasha Banks

I want to love this. The buildup has been perfect. Samoa Joe looks like a legitimate threat who wants to kill Brock. His promos have been awesome and Brock looks vulnerable, yet still confident. Yet, I'm very worried. This is Brock. I've been excited for Brock matches that go nowhere (vs. Seth, vs. Dean, etc.) before. I'm so worried that Brock suplexes Joe into oblivion and they waste everything. Joe should get the Coquina Clutch on early, weakening Brock. Brock reaches the ropes to break it, showing he can't escape it and giving Joe an opening. Brock withstands Joe and wins, but Joe looks great in defeat. Hopefully, that happens.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

2017 Prediction Record: 32-23
2016 Prediction Record: 72-41
2015 Prediction Record: 60-35