Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lucha Underground "Brothers in Broken Arms" Review

it's time for another episode of Lucha Underground.

Sexy Star is shown in the locker room. Dario Cueto comes up to her to tell her that her friend The Mack is hurt after Matanza took him out. He says that she can keep defending her title and maybe lose it or prove she isn't scared and actually face Matanza. Tonight, she won't be defending it because she'll be teaming with the Trios Championship against Worldwide Underground in an Atomicos Match! Sexy looked all kinds of great here. Johnny Mundo shows up looking for Taya. He says that he's never formally introduced himself to Sexy. He offers a hand and she shakes it. He pulls her in and says that he's the next Gift of the Gods Champion.

Prince Puma def. Siniestro de la Muerte in 4:48
Puma sported the darker colors tonight. They started with a slugfest, which worked since the point of the match was to show that Puma could get serious in his feud with Mil Muertes. Mil came down towards the end and nearly got involved but Puma stopped him. He hit a spinning Michinoku Driver and won with Mil's Flatliner finisher. This was a fun little match that accomplished what it set out to do. **1/2

Prince Puma wasn't done there, diving out onto Mil Muertes and going at it with him. Muertes sent him inside before Catrina took him to the back.

Cortez Castro comes into Dario's office. Dario hugs him and apologizes for the loss of Mr. Cisco, saying he wants to bring the killer to justice. He even brings up that it could have been Big Ryck.

Pentagon Dark def. Cortez Castro in 1:07
Casto came right out of Dario's office. Well, you can tell Dario knows about Cortez since he booked him against Pentagon. Cortez started hot but was quickly overwhelmed by Pentagon. Pentagon continually stared a hole through Vampiro. He won with the Package Piledriver. Not really anything to rate, but this accomplished a fair amount, moving forward Pentagon/Vampiro and Dario/Cortez.

Pentagon Dark proceeded to break Cortez's arm. He then got on the microphone and said that he doesn't care who wins the main event. In the ring, he doesn't even respect his mother. Cero fucking Miedo.

Atomicos Match: Worldwide Underground def. Aerostar, Drago, Fenix and Sexy Star in 8:50
It'll be interesting to see if Jack Evans continues his attitude from the last time these teams got involved. Taya started with Sexy. Lots of fast paced stuff between them and everyone else who gets involve.d Mundo really seemed to be taking on the "leader" role of the group. We thought Fenix got a hot tag but he ran right into a superkick from Johnny. Taya really connected on a shot to Sexy and her nose got busted. The Trios Champions busted out a cool sequence that included a springboard 450 by Fenix but the pin was broken up. Fenix got Johnny back with a superkick before diving outside onto his partner and PJ Black. This was followed by a few really awkward sequences involving Sexy Star. Evans beat Sexy with a backslide. Fun match but it had too many flubs and odd moments to be really good. Strange to have Evans pin Sexy. ***

Taya seemed to mess up her leg at one point and needed to be helped to the back.

Cartina, Mil Muertes and Siniestro de la Muerte are in some dark room. Catrina says that Siniestro failed them for the last time. She snaps his neck and sucks his soul out. GODDAMN! She wants Mil to do the same to Prince Puma.

Dragon Azteca Jr. def. Chavo Guerrero in 7:05
Rey Mysterio Jr. was the special guest referee. This match turned out to be the first bad one in the short career of Azteca. It was boring and featured way too much from Chavo. At this point in his career, Chavo doesn't bring much besides the Guerrero name to the table. He controlled a lot of this and made for a dull atmosphere. Chavo argued with Rey and attacked him, so Rey hit back. Azteca won with a rana. This did nothing for Azteca. He looked like he got lucky and won a shitty, boring match. Rey hit Chavo with a post-match 619. *

Black Lotus was shown for the first time this season. She lit some candles and is sending the Black Lotus tribe to get Pentagon Dark.

Overall: 6/10. Not a very fun or important episode. The Atomicos match was fun and I liked the angle advancement of the Puma match. However, the main event sucked ass and was one of the worst matches in LU since Demon Jr./Texano at Ultima Lucha. The stuff involving Pentagon, as well as the Catrina stuff was alright too.

If you do want to check out Lucha Underground, which you absolutely should, and don't get El Rey Network (like me), you can sign up for the streaming service Fubo.TV. It's a great way to support the company and channel while streaming the show online. You can sign up and get Lucha Underground right here using!