Saturday, April 25, 2015

Impact Wrestling Review 4/24/15

To open things tonight, Kurt Angle comes out to call out his opponent, Eric Young. Kurt wants to know which EY he faces tonight, and EY says it will be the real Eric Young. The best one. It's the opposite of crazy Eric that we've had lately. Austin Aries appears and says the real EY is the one who turned his back on Bobby Roode. He then says that he is going to use his briefcase for a title shot tonight, stepping in EY's way. It's a solid opening promo but I'm not a fan of Aries wasting his cash in tonight. I just can't see him taking the belt tonight. Our first match is a Four Way Knockouts Number One Contender match between Gail Kim, Brooke Tessmacher, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne. I thought that "A Night of Knockouts" meant it was all Knockouts, but I guess we get some guys thrown in there. Brooke's entrance is pretty cool, but Madison Rayne disagrees as she attacks during it. This is a really fun seven or minute match and I even see Brooke bust out Monty Brown's POUNCE! Period. These girls even do a sweet four way submissions. Brooke is able to win, which is good since the other three have held the belt a combined 15 times I believe. We move to a hype video for the Rising before an interview with Eric Young. He is pissed that he loses out on a title shot tonight, which I assume means that crazy Eric Young will be around. The rivalry between the Beat Down Clan and the Rising continues as Kenny King faces Mica. I'm still surprised that of all people, TNA signed Camacho to a deal. Unfortunately for Kenny King, he loses here, which of course leads to a brawl that sees Homicide bust out a pipe. He takes out Drew Galloway with it. This match was just there as while I like King and Galloway, I'm not big on this feud.

We get a vignette for the Dollhouse, who are making their debut tonight. Marti Belle yells at Christy Hemme for the way she says their name. Jade is Mia Yim for those unaware and she's pretty fantastic actually. They come out swinging each other like they are two school girls and it's really odd. Her opponent is Laura Dennis, better known as Cherry Bomb. A "Cherry Bomb" chant even breaks out. As Marti gets involved, she is ejected, but decides to attack even more, resulting in the disqualification. When Hemme announces the DQ, she gets attacked too. They dropkick her into the steel steps and seem to shove a jawbreaker in her mouth. Really strange. We get more stuff between Kurt Angle and Eric Young backstage, where Angle says he didn't expect Aries to do this and EY is pissed because things like this keep happening. Back to the ring, where Magnus introduces Mickie James and her enormous rack. She says that her focus in life is her son now and she's going home to be the best mom she can be. This brings out James Storm. He puts Mickie over at length and gets the crowd to chant "one more match". Mickie buys into this and decides she wants to do one more. Storm and the fans are happy, but Magnus is not pleased at all. After the commercial, they have a talk and Davey Richards appears to tell them that Storm is out to deceive them. He then comes out for a match with Manik. Davey wins a good match before the Revolution attacks. The Hardys make the save and run them off. The crowd seemed pretty into this, which was a pretty cool segment.

Moving on, tt's time for the best thing about TNA on a weekly basis, Ethan Carter III. He says that he has an announcement regarding #EC32015. Tyrus is in a suite, hat and is carrying balloons. He has a podium and declares that he is the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He mentions that he's undefeated for 20 months and he's beaten every TNA Hall of Famer. The heat is crazy right now. It's a great promo that he perfectly delivers. See it for yourself as I won't do it justice here. Mr. Anderson interrupts and I guess this will be EC3's placeholder feud until he, hopefully, wins the big one from Kurt Angle. They brawl but EC3 escapes the Mic Check.

It's time for the big main event between Taryn Terrll and Awesome Kong. The video package we get beforehand is some of TNA's best production work. They use the No DQ rule to their advantage and have a really good war. They use kendo sticks and tables which is wise. Surprisingly, Marti Belle and Jade run out to help Taryn and allow her to retain in shocking fashion. She cuts a post match promo about being part of the Dollhouse, cementing a heel turn. I did not see this coming and kudos for TNA for that. I'm very intrigued by where this goes. We are supposed to get Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle next but Eric Young comes out and brutally assaults Aries. He piledrives him on the outside and on the steps. Angle runs out for the save but also gets beaten down and is bloodied. He gets locked in the figure four as the show goes off the air. Another solid outing from TNA with some interesting stuff going forward. 7/10.