Friday, February 13, 2015

Smackdown Report 2/12/15

We open backstage, which is sometimes weird. Kane and Big Show hype up the tag team division for a Team Team Turmoil match later tonight, in which Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan will be a part of it. I wonder how the actual teams will look in that match. To the ring, we open with Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth. Commentary actually does a good job here in discussing Bray's recent promos where he claims that he's not scared of someone. It's pretty clear it's the Undertaker he's talking about, but I'm glad commentary decided to bring it up. Using Sister Abigail, Bray wins in just over four minutes which is how it should be. I'll give the WWE credit; they've gone a commendable job in trying to save Bray after he fell hard last year.

We see a recap of Paige's issues with the Bella Twins. Paige would be facing former Total Diva, Summer Rae, while the Bella Twins joined in on commentary. Nikki Bella did pretty good there while Brie was rather useless. Or maybe she didn't have a headset. I'm not sure, I barely heard her. Paige and Summer did well with their three minutes and Paige won by using the PTO. The Bellas and Paige have a staredown. Highlights of the Rusev/Cena angle from Raw is shown. It still intrigues me that they go out of their way to call Cena old. The Sheamus return video and Rikishi HOF video are both shown before we go to a rematch of last week's useless match between Adam Rose and Fandango. Wasn't Rose down with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro? Whatever. For the second straight week Fandango wins. I'm still not sure if we're supposed to see him as a face. I can't stand Rosa and I don't like Fandango, so I can't cheer for them. Guess what's next guys? Raw recaps because we see the whole Sting/Triple H stuff and Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan angle.

There is over an hour left in the broadcast and we're starting the main event. Well damn. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan start the Turmoil off against Miz and Damien Mizdow. It makes sense given the limited roster due to the overseas trip a lot of guys are on. Bryan and Reigns eliminate Miz and Mizdow in just under three minutes while one upping each other. The Tag Team Champions were out next which should be tough. This was a lot more fun as all four guys seemed to enjoy this run. Bryan is always great while the Usos and Roman seemed to like working each other. They played up the tension between Reigns and Bryan again as Bryan tries to win by countout but Reigns doesn't want that. They win this one via submission and Reigns breaks it up as Bryan holds it for a bit too long. Some heel tendencies from Bryan eh? Or maybe Roman was just not happy because the Usos are his cousins.That Usos portion took over 20 minutes. Los Matadores is next and Bryan eliminates them in two minutes. SLATER GATOR is next and Roman gets rid of them in a minute. The Ascension is next and they lose via disqualification after tossing Reigns and Bryan around outside and hitting the Fall of Man on Bryan. At least they kept them looking strong. The final team out is Big Show and Kane. They tried to pick up the pieces of the fallen team but it failed as they are resilient. Kane and Show started to argue and Show knocked out Kane. He turned around into a Spear and running knee that allowed Bryan and Reigns to prevail. Roman helped Bryan up and they stared at the WrestleMania sign to close the show.

Well I enjoyed that episode. The VAST majority was taken up by the main event, which was really good, so the show will get a good score. I believe in TV time, that went about 42 minutes and over an hour including commercials. They booked it well to keep the Ascension and the Usos strong. With the exception of Fandango/Rose, everything was fine, but I can even excuse that since they were working with a limited roster. 8/10.